Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 23, 2008

Is Jesus Enough?

   I continue to receive updates from my friends in Orissa, India. Last year, Hindus launched violent attacks against Christians in Orissa at Christmas. Persecution of Christians in the Khondhamal Hills has intensified over the past several months. Thousands who have been displaced and whose homes have been destroyed will observe Christmas in government camps. Living only with bare essentials, these Christian families will celebrate the birth of Jesus. They will not exchange gifts on Christmas morning or prepare an extravagant meal. They will focus on Jesus alone. Most have lost everything for His sake because they stood firm in the face of pressure to deny Him. These families have given a costly and precious gift to Jesus. And now, He is all they have.

   What if Christ is all we had at Christmas? What we would do without our trees and lights and gifts and food and all of the things that define Christmas for us? Would we be satisfied with Jesus alone? Would He be enough to make the day meaningful and memorable? How would we celebrate His birth? What would we tell our children? What would we offer Him?

   I received Christmas greetings today from a dear friend in Orissa. He has spent weeks away from his home and sends dispatches from internet cafes as he has opportunity. He shared something interesting today. He said that in a cluster of three nearby villages Hindus destroyed every single home belonging to Christians. The Christian families from those villages are now living in camps for the displaced. However, something unusual happened two days ago. Thirty wild elephants came out of the surrounding forest and trampled the rice fields ready for harvest. The elephants then destroyed all of the remaining homes — the homes belonging to the persecutors! And now, approximately 300 of the individuals responsible for destroying the homes of their Christian neighbors have had to find refuge in government camps.

   Wild elephants! My friend said that no one can recall an attack like this by wild elephants in recent history. The buzz in the hills is, “Learn from the incident. Christian God is now active in the situation.” They say an elephant never forgets. Perhaps the visit of the elephants at Christmas will not soon be forgotten by the people of the area.

   So, this Christmas, ask yourself if Jesus would be enough if He is all you had at Christmas. Pray for our fellow believers in Orissa. And, draw your own conclusion about the wild elephants. Their story is certainly something worth remembering!

• • • • •

Note | For more on the persecution in Orissa, please read Still No Room and Are You Going Bald?


  1. You have a very informative blog and I really enjoyed reading it. I personally think God directed the elephants. He is still in charge.

  2. Omar, very interesting! The wild elephants worked against the persecutors! I am praying for orissa, and keep continue learning that, what is going there.

    a friend of mine in Calcutta, he informed me, a lots of things that what is going on there. Another one in Luck now, he is also telling me all most the things in India.

    We are praying for my neighbor country and the believers are going through persecutions. In these circulations Lord watching our hearts and looked us and sees our thought for them. He is able to change all any times. But He wants us to thought about them and do some as much we can. That’s all my opinions.


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