Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | February 14, 2019

Best Valentine’s Day Ever

I am in love, so in love. In a way I never could have imagined. In a way that I can’t quite put into words. At 10:36 this morning, a precious little girl tipping the scales at 7 pounds and measuring barely 19 inches long changed my life. Without saying a word, her arrival ushered me into a deeper dimension of love.

For the past nine months, we have anxiously awaited the arrival of Mila (pronounced me-la) Noelle. A few days ago my son Jonathan and my daughter in law, Aubrey, shared the very good news that Mila would arrive on Valentine’s Day.

A Valentine’s Day baby — what could be better. My own sweet grandmother was born on February 15, 1900, so even if Mila arrived a day late it would be super special to have her share a birthday with her great, great grandmother.

Cheryl and I arrived in Lewisville last night, just in time to see Jonathan and Aubrey off to the hospital. Seeing them drive off brought back so many memories of the night we drove to the hospital for Jonathan’s birth. It seemed surreal that Jonathan would become a dad in a matter of hours — and that we would become grandparents.

Cheryl and I met Aubrey’s family at the hospital this morning to welcome Mila into the world. She was ready to make her entrance. Within an hour of arriving at the hospital, Mila was born. The minute the nurse gave us the green light to go to the room, nine of us anxiously made our way down the hallway to meet Mila.

I could not hold back the tears when I saw her. I just stared in amazement at the beautiful gift we had all received. She just took my breath away. Here was the first fruits of a new generation of our family. I am now a grandfather of a beautiful little granddaughter. What a gift.

My grandfather was 66 years old when I was born and lived another 30 years. He was my dearest friend growing up. How ever many years I have left to live, they will certainly be enriched because of Mila Noelle. I hope that Cheryl and I are around to enjoy her for a long time.

Welcome to our world, to our family, and to our hearts little Mila. You are a precious gift from God and we will treasure you always. You made today the best Valentine’s Day ever!


  1. Omar, congratulations to you and Cheryl! I am surprised you didn’t have her in her hiking gear already! Bless Mila and your family!!

    • Thanks, Jack. I did buy Mila a North Face jacket in Kathmandu. Can’t wait to see her wearing it! Adventure awaits.

  2. Congratulations Pastor Omar. May our Lord give you many years to love Mila. She is a cutie!!

    Best regards,

    Hna. Marina Medrano

  3. Congratulations, Omar and Cheryl. She’s beautiful. And yes, your life will never be the same again. Grandparent love is unique and wonderful; and a glimpse at another facet of God the Father’s love for us. It is pure delight and joy! Zeph. 3:17 is my ‘Grandma verse’. It is a wonderful description of grandparent love: we rejoice over them with gladness, we can comfort them with a quiet love (in ways parents can’t, because there is a ‘calmness’ that new parents do not have); and we delight in them with singing!
    God has given grandparents a unique place in children’s lives to give unconditional love, and to speak words of affirmation and special blessings over them in the short time we have with them. 🙂

    • Thanks, Pam. And amen to Zephaniah 3:17. Beautiful 🙂

  4. Congratulations seems like too small a word for such a wonderful gift from God! Your lives are about to gain a new dimension and adventure is on the way. We so look forward to joining you in the corps of grandparents.

    • Thanks, Rick. So grateful to God for the gift of Mila and this new stage of our journey.

  5. Mila is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations! I am truly excited for you and Cheryl. Wooooooohooooooooo

  6. So much fun, so much love, congratulations

  7. We are so very happy for you all! Welcome to grandparenthood – the greatest assignment and privilege ever!! She is beautiful. We hope to meet Mila someday soon!

    • Thanks, Celia. Hope you and Steve get to meet her soon.

  8. Congrats!! She is beautiful!

  9. Many many congratulations to Jonathon and Aubrey and to you Omar and Cheryl. Grandparenting brings a whole new joy and perspective on life and God’s plan.

  10. Hello Brother Omar. Many many congratulations to you & your son Jonathan and his wife Audrey and your whole family. Baby is so beautiful!

  11. Congratulations Omar, to you and Jonathan, and all of your family for such a wonderful blessing. Mila is beautiful and blessed to be born into such love.

    God Bless,


    • Thanks, Chad. What an amazing blessing.

  12. She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on this precious new blessing in your family. Truly a gift from God💗

    • Thanks, Charlene. What a wonderful blessing.

  13. Congratulations on one of life’s greatest adventures of being a grandparent! We wish you & Cheryl the very best of times. Today I saw an ultrasound of my 8th grandchild—also a girl due in May. A great gift from God!

    • Thanks, Sue Ann. And congratulations on your 8th grandchild. What a blessing.

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