Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 7, 2022

Every Home and Every Nation

In December of last year, Kingsland’s missions ministry launched the 5511 Initiative — based on the truth of Isaiah 55:11 where God declared that His Word would not return to Him empty or without succeeding in the matter for which He sent it.

We challenged the people of Kingsland as well as our domestic and international partners to distribute 150,000 copies of God’s Word. One year later we have distributed 152,000 copies of the Scriptures in 18 countries. Over the past year we have heard amazing stories of lives transformed by the power of the gospel.

This month, our missions ministry launched our 2023 initiative entitled “Every Home Every Nation Covered in Prayer.”

The purpose of this initiative is to coordinate prayer for unreached homes both domestically and internationally during 2023. We are mobilizing Kingsland families to prayer walk our own community and cover every neighborhood in Katy with prayer.

The local prayer walk initiative will be concurrent with international prayer walking initiatives coordinated by our international partners to symbolize our shared intention of reaching homes for Christ around the globe. Our international partners will mobilize believers to pray in every state, province, or district in their respective countries.

We are launching our global prayer initiative in January in a South Asian country (unnamed for security reasons) in the heart of the 10/40 Window. I have asked our partners in this country to mobilize their networks to pray in every district — over homes, schools, hospitals, and government buildings.

I will travel to this nation on January 1 to join our partners there. While Christ-followers are praying in every district, I will lead a 250-mile prayer walk across the country. I will start on the eastern border where the sun rises and proceed to the western border where the sun sets to symbolize the coming of the light.

As with the 5511 Initiative, my prayer is that God will use our “Every Home Every Nation Covered in Prayer” initiative to storm the darkness. Once again, we are taking the battle to the enemy who seeks to steal, kill, destroy and frustrate the purposes of God among the nations. In the words of William Carey we are expecting great things from God and attempting great things for God.

I understand the risks of what I am attempting to do in January and also know that any number of things can happen along the way to stop me in my tracks. But I am nevertheless determined to trek from border to border and to pray onsite with insight as I do so.

I spent many years serving at Mother Teresa’s homes in India and have read no less than a dozen books about her life and the wisdom she gleaned from her years of serving the least of these. Among the things Mother Teresa wrote, I find this quote especially meaningful as we launch our global prayer walking initiative:

We must keep His interests continually in our hearts and minds, carrying our Lord to places where He has not walked before, fearless in doing the things He did, courageously going through danger and death with Him and for Him…

[We must be] ready to accept joyously the need to die daily if we want to bring souls to God, to pay the price He paid for souls — ever ready to go to any part of the world and to respect and appreciate unfamiliar customs of other peoples, their living conditions and language, willing to adapt ourselves if and when necessary, happy to undertake any labor and toil, and glad to make any sacrifice involved in our missionary life.

This imposes a great responsibility on us to fight against our own ego and love of comfort that would lead us to choose a comfortable and insignificant mediocrity.

I am not interested in living a life characterized by “a comfortable and insignificant mediocrity.” That’s why I am lacing up my prayer walking shoes and moving in the direction of people in need. I am trusting that over the next year we will again hear remarkable stories of lives transformed because we chose to cover every home and every nation in prayer in 2023.


  1. We will be praying for you hermano Pastor!!

  2. Until there’s No Place Left to share the gospel!

  3. Hey O, sitting in a coffee shop in Liverpool with Anna Grace and checking in on your journey. Praying with and for you brother. Love you man

    • Hey Alex

      We are 150 miles into our prayer walk. Should reach the Indian border on Monday.

      Please give my greetings to Anna Grace 🙂 and the family.

      Thanks for your prayers and friendship. Love you.

  4. […] year, our missions ministry launched Every Home Every Nation Covered in Prayer — a prayer initiative in cooperation with our local and global ministry partners. The time was […]

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