Go Beyond

In each of our lives there is a line that marks the farthest we’ve ever been or the most we’ve ever done for God and His purposes. Everything on our side of that line is familiar, convenient, manageable, and comfortable. No big surprises, no daunting challenges, no uncharted territory. Crossing that line requires a commitment to venture to places we’ve never been and the willingness to engage people we’ve never met. Only those with the courage to overcome their fears and who have the determination to persevere will dare to cross that line. All others will keep a safe distance away from it.

We must go beyond — stepping boldly across the line in order to advance the interests of God’s kingdom in our world. I have heard people remark about how they long to be a part of something exciting for the kingdom, only to watch them aggressively avoid the context in which these things happen. We must be willing to place ourselves in a context where we will see God work in and through us in new and exciting ways, in ways we never imagined. We must be willing to spend ourselves for God and His purposes — to work toward the day when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea.

Step across the line and Go Beyond. Adventure awaits!


  1. Omar,

    I came across your site while doing some research for my own and fell in love with it right away!

    God has been putting it on my heart for the last couple of years to become more involved with spreading the word, and to somehow work toward helping the native missionaries in Asia. I’ve lived in Asia and desire so much to go back as an adventurer for Christ!

    I don’t know how long it will take, but my heart is made up and it will happen. Your site, with the stories of your own adventures will be a great source of continuing motivation and inspiration.

    Thank You and God Bless You for what you do!

  2. Chad…

    Thanks for your kind comment about my blog. And, thanks for your obedient determination to return to Asia as an adventurer for Christ. I know that God will make a way for you and use your life experiences to bless and minister to others, both at home and abroad.


  3. Omar,

    God is doing great things at the Comforter Center in Kampala, Uganda. Just came back from the AIA Basketball Tour with Bobby Sanders. He told Eric & April about the work and support Kingsland is providing Veronica. We visited the center on Monday. Veronica is a delight! Her story overwhelmed us. She was thrilled to get the baby clothes from Claire friend and fellow staff member at AIA. Just wanted to encourage you and Kingsland that God is using you so in good land.

    Lives are being saved both now and those on the way. Praise Him!

    Kimberly Moore
    AIA Basketball Tour- Kenya Team

  4. Kimberly…

    Thanks so much for your comment on The Comforter’s Center in Kampala. And, thank you and the AIA team for making time to visit with Veronica and our wonderful staff there. I know they appreciated and were very encouraged by your visit.


  5. You old dog…I have something special for you I meant to give you. Will send it to you. Please send me your address. Blessings Omar. jt

  6. Hey John…

    I enjoyed our time together in Cambodia. Thanks for all you are doing to stand for life. I will e-mail you my address. Hope to see you again soon.

    aka The Other Old Guy on the Team 🙂

  7. Dear Omar
    What you have shared with us last night had been SUCH a blessing. Thank you! Could you tell me where on your blog are the 10 points you shared on.

  8. Hi Omar,
    It’s great to read you blog once again, it’s really hard being back but looking at pictures I am reminded again of all the wonderful things the Lord allowed me to be a witness of. My heart aches to go back, on the next flight if all possible, but for right now I know that I need to be here, steeping into unknown territories. Thank you for your work in encouraging and mobilizing for the kingdom.
    Emily B.

    • Hi Emily…

      Great to hear from you and to know you are doing well. I know and understand the feeling of wanting to get on the next flight to the ends of the earth. God used you in great ways as you served Him overseas. I’m especially glad that I had the opportunity to see your work among the Gujjar children. You touched many lives through your service. I wish you God’s very best as you continue to Go Beyond.


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