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Kurdistan 2008

I spent twenty-seven years in Christian education and have served as a Bible lesson writer for LifeWay Christian Resources since 1994. I have always enjoyed Bible study and working with Bible study leaders. My Bible Teaching Notes website is dedicated to those who study God’s Word and lead others to discover and apply the life-changing truths of His Word to the end that God is glorified and that one day “the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:9). My website features exegetical notes and other resources to help you in your study of God’s Word. I hope you’ll take a moment to visit the site. I add new notes on a regular basis, so please check back often for updates.


  1. Omarmifriend
    Looking for a mission where I and my family may be of use. July or August 2011
    Any country without high elevation ok. tom d

    • Tom…

      Good to hear from you. I will email you some options.


  2. Hello Omar,

    We met you in April, 2011, in Pakistan. We are Charley’s parents. We love reading your blog and wonder whether you might be able to include the two of us in one of your trips…maybe in the second half of 2012? We are especially interested in Viet Nam because we have recently met a young Vietnamese couple who are new believers.

    J.T. and Ann Ramsey

    • Hi JT and Ann…

      Yes, I remember our time together in Pakistan. You are welcome to join any of our teams in 2012 and beyond. You will find a complete listing of current trips on the missions pages of Kingsland’s website at Hope things can work out for us to travel and serve together.


  3. Hello Pastor Omar.

    Hope you are doing swell. My name is Patty Ramos and my friend Sherry Contreras and I are interested in joining your group to go to El Salvador for a mission. I am from there and have not been back since 1994 and would love to go and help out. I am a nurse assistant (license up-todate) and speak spanish fluently.
    Please give me some information as to what do we need to do other than to have our passport up to date. How much is the trip? etc.

    Please sign us up for that date.

    thank-you and God blessed you,
    Patty Ramos :0)

    P.S. we would like to go September 23-29, 2012

    • Thanks, Patty. My assistant will be in touch.

  4. Hello Omar,

    Our church is having a missions conference, beginning on March 3rd. We have many pounds/cartons of toiletries that can be assembled into bags for distribution for use by those to whom Go Beyond ministers. On the morning of the 3rd, we would like to bring these materials to your facility, perhaps receive some introduction to the ministry as a refresher to some of the group, and as an introduction to others. After that, we would to receive some instruction on how your group would like for these materials to be assembled, which the group will then do. Is this possible?

    Thank you,

    Arlene Rodney
    Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church

    • Hi Arlene…

      I sent you an email with my contact info so that we can discuss possibilities for your service initiative. I look forward to talking with you soon.


  5. Omar, I would like to be placed on your list of potential travelers on one of your ministry teams. I’m ready to carry on what Julie and Ray started in our family. Would there ever be a trip that I could take my grandchildren along to really DO ministry? They are 10 and 9.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    • Hi Nancy…

      Great to hear from you. Would love to have you on a trip. I will email you with information.


  6. Most Respected and my dear Beloved sir ,Praise the LORD. I am Swarna from India. I would like to take part journey with Jesus, work with Jesus, Die for Jesus. I am a spiritual woman, doing Christian ministry. I Listened about your wonderful service. If you give permission I shall tell about me. I invite u in LinkedIn site. Please add me or give me your Email ID, I have to share my spiritual journey with you why because we are in same track. Thank you.
    In the name of Jesus Christ…..Swarna

  7. I saw the image of three men digging a well and liked it. I am writing a book on the river of life and could use it in a chapter. Is the image available?


    Steven C Johnson

    • Hi Steven…

      Please send me the link to the page with the photo so that I can know specifically which pic you are interested in. I am happy to give you permission to use any of my photos.


  8. Mr. Garcia,

    I was wanting to contact you. Could you please send me your email address.
    Thank you very much. – J.C.

  9. Hello Brother, I write in regards to your article “Weary of Masks.” Please know that I agree with most of your articles as well as the biblical citation supports therein. I also like your positive admonitions to assist those Christians who might be suffering. However, as a mature Christian with many years behind me I must give you the admonition as follows. In the future, you would be well to remember that assumptions can be dangerous if not thought through. In said article, you assume that the wearing a masks will one day end and that very well could be. However, the opposite could occur and masks are with us to stay. Please be reminded that many in China have been wearing masks for many years. Furthermore, you need to remember biblical eschatology and the role it might play in future events. I refer to end time prophecies. It also appears that you have bought in to the idea that the Chinese communist coronavirus is as deadly as reported. I could be wrong about the last statement. The “Chinese Communist Coronavirus” is nothing more than a different strain of the common flu which has plagued mankind for a very long time (refer pandemic of the early 20th century). Finally, it is good to be positive and encouraging, however it is not wise to ignore warnings of prophecy that God has given us through His Word. All mature discerning Christians realize that the 2020 events are tied in some way to a one world government prophesized in God’s Word (foreshadow or actual – take your pick). Again, I am not a prophet and you are not a prophet, therefore neither one of us can say that masks
    may one day be a thing of the past. In Christ Forever, Hern C

    • Thanks for your comment. I wrote this post near the start of the pandemic when so much was still unfolding. And, as literary styles go, I wrote it in a tongue in cheek style — nothing more, nothing less. It’s been a difficult year but I remain hopeful that better days are ahead. Stay safe.

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