Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 22, 2008

The Kingsland Sleigh

   The Kingsland Christmas sleigh made the rounds this past week. Families from Katy neighborhoods to Houston’s Third Ward were the beneficiaries of the kindness of Kingsland members. Thanks to each Kingsland small group and the many Kingsland families that adopted those in need. And, thanks to Amy Granger, our Missions Ministry assistant, for coordinating this initiative and for mobilizing a team of volunteers that worked tirelessly to prepare our food and gift baskets for distribution. Those of us who distributed the gifts had the special privilege of seeing the smiles and hearing the many expressions of gratitude. This seasonal act of kindness always makes a difference in the lives of so many children, single moms, and others in need.

   Our office receives lots of wonderful and heart-felt thanks following our Thanksgiving and Christmas initiatives. I wanted you to read just one of the letters sent to us this week. I have omitted the names of the family members to protect their privacy, but this letter will give you an idea of how your kindness has touched others in our community.

• • • • •

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful gifts that we had received! It was totally in God’s timing!!!!! Yesterday (Thursday) was such an emotional day for all of us.  The children had just learned that day that the divorce was finalized and that they would be leaving with their Dad at 8:30pm that evening for a two-week trip to (—). I prayed that God would help me to find a way to help the children to cope. 
I only had a few hours with them. After we had collected the box of treasures from you, we went home and placed all the gifts under the tree. The wrappings were so beautiful it was difficult to open them. I just wanted to admire the fancy paper, ribbons, bows, decorative cards, attached dolls, etc. that were all a part of the outside wrappings! We first read the precious note from our “Friends in Christ” and then we said a prayer of thank yous to the Lord. Afterwards, the children excitingly opened the presents. They were in total shock when they opened the gifts (—).
We were all in total tears, especially me; because this wonderful family enabled me to give my children a wonderful Christmas during an extremely difficult time in our lives. They had not only provided wonderful gifts beyond imagine, this has also brought healing and a sense of hope that we all needed, especially at this time. It was like God was saying to us, this is very tough, but I AM with you, and you will make it though all this. I have sent wonderful people to be my eyes and ears, my hands and my heart. It was a reminder of Jeremiah 29:11 to our family.
How can I thank this family for all that they have done for us?!
How can I thank you too, Amy?!
With heart-felt thank-you’s from me and the children!
(—name omitted—)
P.S. Mr. Omar had slipped (—) some currency from India. (—) loves to collect foreign currency. It is amazing how much God had blessed my children, He had even thought of this!!!

• • • • •

Thank you Kingsland family for your kindness, for loving God, and for enabling us to demonstrate God’s love to so many people in such practical ways.


  1. I’ve read this letter numerous times since I received it on Friday and it brings me to tears of joy each time! During this particularly hard period of time in our country God is able to give us delight in all things small or big to show us how much He loves us. I love my job and I love all the “Friends in Christ” who helped so many families see God’s love revealed this Christmas.

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