Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 25, 2008

Christmas Year Round

   I hope you enjoyed a blessed Christmas with your family and friends and that you took a moment to pray for those who observed Christmas in less than favorable circumstances. We tend to think of Christmas as a season or as a one-day observance. However, Christmas is much more than that. All things considered, people tend to be a little more loving, thoughtful, and kind at Christmas. We should continue doing so year-round. Here are a few suggestions for how you can live the spirit of Christmas every day of the year.

See | Continue to look for opportunities to give to others throughout the coming year. Harness the same thoughtfulness you had at Christmas to intentionally bless those who are less fortunate in the months ahead.

Show | The central message of Christmas is the incarnation — Immanuel, God with us. Live incarnationally throughout the year. Be Jesus with skin on. Let others see Jesus in you and loving others through you.

Sustain | The widows, single moms, and the elderly who were the beneficiaries of your kindness at Christmas still have needs throughout the year. Please remember them after Christmas and look for practical ways to express God’s love to them.

Share | Follow the example of the shepherds and tell people about Jesus. Everybody deserves the opportunity to hear about why God sent His only begotten Son into the world. Tell them.

Shout | Follow the example of the angels who announced the good news to the shepherds and who praised God for sending His Son. Shout your praise to the Lord throughout the year.

Stand | Those who attack the symbols and observance of Christmas continue their efforts throughout the year. Stay informed about the culture war and stand firm for your faith.

Send | Now that you’ve sent out your Christmas cards, make it a point to write and send notes to encourage, express thanks, offer sympathy, and more throughout the year. Give Hallmark some business.

Sing | Keep a CD of Christmas songs in your home, car, or iPod and listen to these songs throughout the year. The messages of these songs are just as relevant in the summer months!


  1. We have done Christ celibrations with family, friends. Thank God to gave us to passed another Christmas day, He allowed us to over come 25 December 08. I have got the challenged one more times to fulfill His great commition in this coming year as He gave me a peice of home works.

    Thanks for the post.


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