Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | July 29, 2011

Into the Blogosphere

I entered the blogosphere on 08 September 2008 not quite knowing what to expect. I did know that I enjoyed journaling and writing, but the thought of posting my musings on a regular basis seemed a bit intimidating at the time. I wrestled with a variety of questions like how transparent I should be, what topics were ok to write about, how to stimulate and maintain interest in what I write, what to do about possible hostile comments, and much more. Nevertheless, with these and other questions unanswered, I took my first steps into the blogosphere with hopes that I would learn the answers along the way. And, I have discovered many of the answers on the journey. Today, 583 posts later, I must admit that I feel much more at home in the virtual world that has connected me to so many interesting people around the world. As I have reflected on my blogging journey, I have come up with my list of five ways in which blogging has impacted me.

How I Think | Blogging keeps me accountable for thinking a little deeper about the things I see and experience each day. Once something toggles the “I’ve got to blog about that” switch, then I find myself meditating and thinking about the best way to broach and communicate about the subject. Sometimes I’ll call a friend or talk with my wife to bounce off a pregnant thought or two. Then I set aside some quiet time to record my thoughts.

How I See | I feel as though blogging has helped me to become a little more intentional about how I see the world around me. I love taking photographs but do not always carry a camera with me. But, I can always take a mental photograph and then try to sketch it out with words to give others a sense of how something moved or touched or convicted me.

How I Write | When I started writing Bible study curriculum for LifeWay Christian Resources in the mid 90’s, one of my editors told me that writing is re-writing. That is good advice. Quite often when I write a blog post I let it sit for a bit and then later revisit and tweak it. And then I will let it steep a bit more before I pour it into the cup and serve it up for consumption. That’s a good practice for writers. And, it’s not a bad idea for us do do the same before we speak.

How I Vent | Blogging is a good outlet for venting thoughts, feelings, and frustrations over current events. This platform gives bloggers the opportunity for quick and measured responses to the big and little stuff that happens in our world on a daily basis. It’s also a great way to influence others to think critically about the events that touch us all.

How I Mobilize | As someone responsible for mobilizing volunteers to serve in both local and international initiatives, blogging has been an effective way to tell the story of what God is doing and how others can get involved in serving. Reports from the field generate lots of readers, comments, and questions from others about how they can get involved and make a difference.

I’m glad I took those first steps into the blogosphere in 2008 and I am grateful for everyone who has encouraged me along the way with their emails and comments. Blogging has been a greater adventure than I ever imagined.


  1. I am so thankful to hear of the mission work, the motivations from canoe races, and the work of the Lord around God’s world. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for taking us on adventurous rides into your blogosphere. Your thoughts inspire our hearts in Christ Jesus.

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