Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | July 31, 2011

Global Glimpses

Breakfast | Tanzania | 2008

Who | Breck Quin

Where I’ve Traveled With Kingsland | I have traveled to Mexico’s Copper Canyons, twice to Nicaragua, and to Tanzania.

What Challenged Me Most | I was perhaps most challenged by the travel time to the African bush in far southwest Tanzania and then traveling back with a blood infection I got from a tick!

What I Will Remember Most | So many things to remember, including:
• An incredible missionary family in Nicaragua named the Loftsgards with whom I am still friends.
• Not eating for 24 hours and not feeling hungry while our team fed hundreds of Tarahumara Indians deep in the Copper Canyons of Chihuahua, Mexico.
• Watching God bring hope to a broken school and community in the drought-stricken Copper Canyons and a 96 year-old man who walked down out of the mountains to see what the ruckus was about and to say thank you.
• A baseball game with Nicaraguan kids on a new field (they almost beat us).
• The sheer beauty of Africa — proof enough that only God is responsible for all creation.
• And, I will never forget how easy life is in the USA.

How My Outlook Has Changed | The first time I went with the idea that we were going to be a blessing to others. I learned that I was the one being blessed. I’ve seen things and done things that most people will never do. I reached out to be a blessing to others and God taught me so much about myself.

Why I Must Go Again | I will go again (probably as part of a Jesus Film team that will travel by motorcycle in Nicaragua) because I love watching God work. I also have a lot more to learn about God and myself.

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