Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 7, 2021

Caring for Katy 2021

For the thirteenth year in a row, we closed the doors to the church on a Sunday to go out into the community to be the church. On the last Sunday in February, the people of Kingsland did not come to our campuses to hear a sermon. Instead, they ventured beyond our campuses to be the sermon!

Caring for Katy is one of my favorite days of the year. On this special day we corporately do on a single day what many of our small groups do throughout the year — we move in the direction of people in need.

To add insult to injury, Winter Storm Uri sucker punched folks already hurting from everything pandemic related. There was no better time for us to leave the building to address needs than now.

More than 50 of our small groups engaged in serving others throughout the Katy and Brookshire communities. As a result, needs were met, prayers were answered, and hope was restored to people drowning in desperation.

I am grateful for the Kingsland family for providing both the human and financial resources for us to selflessly serve others in these days of great need. In addition to meeting needs, I love that Caring for Katy provides families with an opportunity to make memories of serving others together. We believe that serving others is a key component in the spiritual formation of the next generation.

Special thanks to every volunteer, young and old, who donned a green shirt and spent the day being the hands and feet of Jesus. Our media team put together a short video that is representative of what Caring for Katy is all about. Enjoy.

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