Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | February 22, 2021

In the Service of Others

As if to add insult to injury, the great state of Texas was slammed by a winter storm that left us all shivering — inside our homes as well as outside.

The snow that covered the greater Houston area transformed our landscapes into winter wonderlands and the unexpected power outages turned our homes into freezers. Families huddled around gas ovens, or gas fireplaces meant more for ambiance than heat, in an effort to stay warm.

In our suburban community, our good friends at Hope Impacts gathered up the homeless and brought them into a warming center hosted by CrossPoint Community Church. So many came to the center that we had to brave the snow covered streets to find more sleeping bags, air mattresses, blankets, and food to deliver to the center.

The cold, we discovered, is no respecter of persons. The power outages and lack of heat put household plumbing under too much stress — so much, in fact, that pipes in homes great and humble broke apart and flooded already frozen homes with cold water. Ceilings gave way under the weight of wet insulation and came crashing down.

Many folks without heat found themselves without water. The cold became even more unbearable and the situation even more miserable. So, our missions ministry sprang into action. This was no time to play it safe or wait until the weather warmed up. Too much was at stake for too many.

All of this brings me to say how grateful I am for the men with whom I serve and for the men of Kingsland who gladly moved in the direction of people in need in spite of the cold.

Over a period of four days we addressed the needs of more than 30 families in desperate need. We gave priority to widows and the elderly and then others in need, including several ministry partners.

We repaired broken plumbing, removed wet carpeting, cleaned up fallen ceilings and shoveled out loads of heavy, wet insulation. We crawled into cold attics and under houses to repair leaks. With plumbing supplies running scarce, we scavenged through our personal inventories to find enough parts to continue helping while awaiting a shipment of plumbing supplies from Tennessee arranged by Todd Pendergrass, our Executive Pastor.

We prayed with and encouraged widows and families and ministry partners. Our presence in a time of desperation brought hope to folks feeling the overwhelming weight of despair. We made a difference because we moved in the direction of people in need.

At the start of the pandemic I asked myself, “What do you want to say when you look back on these days? Will you be able to say that you glorified God by loving and serving others?” I asked myself the same question during the winter storm.

The reality is that many needs go unmet if we only help others when it is safe or convenient to do so. Choosing to play it safe often leaves others in danger. Inconvenience and risk are at the heart of making a difference.

The winter storm presented us with an opportunity to heed the words of the old hymn:
Rise Up, O Men of God
Have done with lesser things;
Give heart and soul and mind and strength
To serve the King of kings.

As I worked alongside the men on our staff and their sons, my Band of Fathers group, and the men of Kingsland, I thought about my favorite line from the remake of The Magnificent Seven: “To be in the service of others, with men I respect, like you all, I shouldn’t have to ask for more than that.”



    Thank you and what a great Go Beyond post!! And what a beautiful example you are for serving others!!

    Thanks again,

    Maria Milian Sobarzo, MD Advanced Women’s Wellness Gynecology and Women’s Health 21402 Provincial Blvd Katy, TX 77450 ph. 281-398-0777 fax 281-398-0771 mobile 713-299-2332 Sent from my iPhone


    • Thanks for your encouraging words, Maria.

  2. Thank God for the laborers as they are few, while the harvest is plentiful!

    • Amen, DT. Grateful for our partnership in the Brookshire community.

  3. Hope Impacts is so grateful for your partnership and support in helping us move in the direction of people in need. God showed up in so many ways this past week. Thank you Kingsland for stepping up and out to your community in need. We are forever thankful for all you do!

    • Grateful for our partnership in the gospel, Tina. Thanks for taking such good care of the least of these.

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  5. So glad to call Kingsland Baptist home! So thankful for a church with a heart for serving others.

    • Glad you are part of our Kingsland family. 🙂

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