Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 10, 2016

If I Told You My Story

Kampala, Uganda

One of my favorite songs by Big Daddy Weave, a contemporary Christian band, is entitled “My Story.” The lyrics speak to or, better yet, speak for any person who has known despair and found hope in Jesus Christ.

The song begins simply enough — “If I told you my story you would hear Hope that wouldn’t let go. And if I told you my story you would hear Love that never gave up.” Just those lyrics alone speak volumes.

We all have a story. Our lives are, in fact, a collection of stories — personal narratives that define and give context to our lives, that give listeners clues about our existence, frustrations, hopes, and aspirations.

I believe that if you really want to get to know people well then you must listen to their stories. Stories are, after all, the keys that unlock insight. They bring clarity and understanding that would otherwise remain inaccessible to us and without which we would understand others less.

Comforter's Moms
Today was a day of listening to stories. Our team visited The Comforter’s Center, the first pregnancy help center in all of Uganda. Since we helped launch this good work ten years ago with our friends at Life International, more than a thousand babies have been saved from abortion. We met several of those babies and their grateful moms today.

Comforter's Story A
Words can’t describe the feeling of sitting with young mothers holding babies they intended to abort and listening to their personal stories. There are lots of common elements in their stories, like having sex with boys who whispered lies of love and the rejection that followed. And common threads like the shock of an unplanned pregnancy and what to do about it.

Comforter's Mom A
One thread that runs through each story is that of a journey that led each of these frightened young girls to the steps of The Comforter’s Center — a place where they found unconditional love and kindness. And the one place where they were told the truth about the precious life they carried in their wombs.

Each of the young ladies talked about why they chose life for the child in their womb. And they expressed their gratitude for the counsel that led them to do so. They held their babies and introduced them to us. And they thanked us for supporting the work of the center.

Comforter's Mom B
We are now a part of their stories and they are a part of ours as a body of believers who chose to stand for life and champion the rights of the preborn. Had we chosen to do otherwise, every single baby we met today would never have been born nor felt the warm embrace of their mothers.

Comforter's Baby
In the words of Big Daddy Weave: “If I told you my story you would hear victory over the enemy. And if I told you my story you would hear freedom that was won for me. And if I told you my story you would hear Life overcome the grave.”


  1. Omar, I love this story today! Praise to our Lord for servants of Him, such as you and your group who are willing to put such important actions in place!

    I love you and your sweet family and I’m so happy that God had in His Plan that our paths crossed, even for just a season.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Janet. I too am glad that God allowed our paths to cross. Love you and the family.

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