Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 8, 2016

We Stand for Life

Kampala, Uganda

The people of Kingsland serve some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

Over the years we have ventured to the squatter camps of the Rohingya in South Asia, cared for children in the slums of Kolkata, restored hope to young girls rescued from the brothels of West Bengal, met the needs of unaccompanied Eritrean minors in the displacement camps of northern Ethiopia, wept with Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the Middle East, and much more.

There is, however, one group whose vulnerability far surpass that of any other people at risk on the globe — the child in the womb.

When I arrived at Kingsland eleven years ago, Pastor Alex Kennedy impressed upon me his passion for the sanctity of human life. So, when I approached him about adopting the preborn, the world’s largest hidden and most vulnerable people group, he immediately embraced the idea and affirmed his support.

Uganda 08 Comforter's Dedication
That decision set us on a course to venture to the global mission field created by abortion. We formed a strategic partnership with Kurt Dillinger, President of Life International, and his staff to take the message of life to the nations. The first center to result from our partnership was The Comforter’s Center in Kampala, Uganda.

The Comforter’s Center is a Christ-centered ministry that is committed to the promotion and preservation of life. Jesus taught that the devil is committed to a destructive agenda — one that extends to the womb. As champions for life, we are determined to rescue those in danger and in dangerous places, including the womb.

Uganda 08 Teaching
From the beginning, The Comforter’s Center embraced the mandate to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 1:8). The preborn in danger of being aborted cannot cry out in their own defense. They cannot say, “Please let me live.” They remain hidden, silent, vulnerable and in need of a champion who will speak on their behalf.

Those who find themselves in danger can take steps to seek safety — to flee to a more secure place. However, if a child in the womb is in danger, that child cannot flee to a safer womb. There are no options but to remain at risk, hence the need for a champion.

The Comforter’s Center has faithfully stood as a champion for life in Uganda, fighting the giants that threaten life in the womb. This life-giving center has earned a reputation as a guiding star, orienting young girls and women toward life.

Grateful Young Moms
Ten years later, the success stories are too numerous to tell — stories about women who came to the center and chose life. I never tire of seeing the photos of mothers holding babies they intended to abort. All this because of a decision to take responsibility for the most hidden and vulnerable people group in the world.

Pastor Alex always wanted us to be known as the church that stood for life rather than as the church that was against abortion. We have remained true to that mandate. And we will continue to stand for life. We are fortunate to have a new senior pastor who also cares about the plight of the most vulnerable and the sanctity of human life.

I am grateful for Pastor Alex Kennedy, Pastor Ryan Rush, the people of Kingsland, and Kurt Dillinger and our friends at Life International. Heaven alone will reveal the full impact of our partnership and our continued determination to be champions for the sanctity of human life.

Uganda 2016 Team
I am also happy to be back in Kampala this week. Our team will serve our friends at The Comforter’s Center, teach church leaders about the sanctity of human life, and challenge these leaders to support a new pregnancy help center in Uganda. Thanks for your prayers.


  1. O,
    These photos and story makes both my heart and face smile. Thanks for the continued work for the pre-born as the Imago Dei.
    Love and Grace,

    • Thanks, Alex. Thanks also for being the inspiration for this good work. See you later this month.

  2. I’ve just now found your blog! I love your insights and how clearly you communicate the Father’s heart for life. (Joseph Sindorf, international director, LIFE International)

    • Thank you, Joseph. Grateful for our partnership with Life International.

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