Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 6, 2015

My New Texas Blog

As if I didn’t have anything else to do, I have started a new blog. For quite some time I have been thinking about starting a blog about all things Texas. So, I finally pulled the trigger and started my new Explore Texas Blog. Because I love exploring the Lone Star State, this blog will be a good outlet for sharing about my Texas adventures.

Texas Header Guadalupe Peak
For the past twenty-plus years I have traveled the world, logging as many as a couple hundred thousand air miles in some years. That’s a lot of time on airplanes. I have traveled to more than forty countries and visited most of the world’s sugar stick sites and enjoy writing about my global adventures on my Go Beyond Blog.

As much as I enjoy traveling and exploring new places around the globe, I absolutely love coming home to Texas. There is no place quite like the Lone Star State. No matter where I go in the world, when folks ask me where I’m from I always tell them that I’m from Texas. I am amazed that even in some of the most remote places I have visited, people have heard about Texas.

When it comes to exploring Texas, I prefer to get from here to there on a backroad if at all possible. Texas has no shortage of backroads that lead to small towns with interesting names or to hiking and biking trails that take you even deeper into the heart of Texas. As an ultramarathon canoe racer, I also enjoy paddling on our beautiful Texas rivers.

After years of writing about my global travels, I am excited to also write about my adventures in the Lone Star State. I invite you to visit my new blog. I hope to post weekly about everything from flora and fauna, small towns, burger joints, scenic road trips, to so much more. You can even subscribe to receive email notifications whenever I post a new blog.

I am excited to start this new writing venture about Texas. I hope that what you read will inspire you to see the Lone Star State through fresh eyes or will motivate you to venture down long stretches of Texas backroads to make your own discoveries. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in Texas.


  1. Omar, I’ll be looking forward to your new TEXAS blog! I love my Texas also! Born & raised a Texan & proud of it!

    I enjoying reading all the small or large adventures with Cheryl recently..

    God bless you & all of your endeavors…

    • Thanks, Janet. Very excited about this new project.

  2. Very exciting!! Love reading about your adventures and love your desire to let others in on them.
    Much Love

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