Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 3, 2012

Worship at The Fellowship

Having served on the staff of churches for the past 34-years, it’s rare that I have the opportunity to visit other local churches. However, because I am on my sabbatical and in town, I visited the Fellowship at Cinco Ranch (Katy, Texas) this morning — and I’m really glad I did. My friend Jerry Edmonson is the founding pastor of The Fellowship. I have admired and respected Jerry since I first met him in the late 1990’s when we served together on an assessment team for new church planters. Jerry had a vision for planting a church in the Cinco Ranch area of our community and, today, The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch is a thriving family of faith that loves and cares for the people of our community and the nations. Katy is unquestionably a wonderful place in which to live and we are fortunate to have lots of great churches in our community. The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch is one reason our community is a great place. It’s not just a “come and see” kind of church but a church with a “go and serve” mentality.

When I contacted Jerry to tell him that I would be visiting, he told me that he would not be in the pulpit because his wife had just had surgery. However, he told me that I would enjoy listening to Tim Pepper, their Teaching Pastor responsible for Discipleship and Spiritual Formation, continue their current series on the book of Genesis. So, I attended the first service this morning. I was warmly greeted, found a seat, and waited for the service to start. I enjoyed the music and the recognition of high school graduates. But I must say that I really enjoyed listening to Tim Pepper. He was tasked with preaching on the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, not the easiest of topics. Tim did his research but it was more than his research that came through as he spoke. What came through loud and clear was Tim’s heart — his love for people, his concern for our society, and his practical and compassionate advice for the sexually broken. I sensed that every person in the room was sitting on the edge of their seats as Tim led us through a study of the Scriptures.

The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch is just one more reason why Katy is a great community and why we need to continue planting new churches throughout our community and beyond. After so many years of knowing Pastor Jerry, it was great to finally see the fruition of his vision to plant a church in Katy. The folks at The Fellowship are reaching out to our community and to the nations. And, if you enjoy drinking coffee, their Kosmos coffee shop is open throughout the week. They donate a portion of their earnings to various local and global ministries. This month they are donating to Living Water International, one of my favorite ministries. I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to worship at The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch and that I serve in a community with good men like Pastor Jerry Edmonson and Tim Pepper.


  1. Fellowship was a long slog getting started, but God is faithful. I remember attending the Fellowship 1 or 2 years into their start up and meeting a 19 year old couple that Jerry had met in the community. They were wrestling with how to handle her pregnancy – a month later they were engaged, with new Bibles in the boxes they came in, sitting in the front row of his church in an elementary school. What a sweet, sweet church.

    That same feeling of serving the community – where they are – is what I love about The Crossings. Church outside of the bricks.

    • Thanks for sharing the story about the young couple, Randy. It’s encouraging to know how many people have found help and new life in Christ at The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch and other churches in the community. Churches must indeed go beyond the bricks in order to impact their respective communities. I’m thankful that we play on the same team as The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch.

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