Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 19, 2012

Caring for our Community

On Sunday, March 4, Kingsland closed its doors and sent an army of volunteers into our community to engage in more than 60 service initiatives. Our Caring for Katy day has become a much-anticipated day when the generations at Kingsland work side by side to serve and care for others. It’s an important part of fulfilling our purpose statement of loving God, loving people, and equipping the generations. Sean Cunningham, a member of Kingsland’s media staff, produced a video of the day’s activities. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video must surely be worth thousands more. I hope you’ll take a moment to watch this brief video and purpose to allow God to use you to love and care for others in need throughout the year. For those of you who receive my blog posts via email, if you have problems viewing the video, you can also watch it on Vimeo.


  1. Great video Dad!

    • Thanks, Niki. It was a fun and good day of serving others.

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