Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 20, 2012

On The Road Again

Houston, Texas en route to Andhra Pradesh, India

“One the road again” — words made popular by country music singer-songwriter Willie Nelson. These are words that have become something of a theme in my life. It seems that whenever I am in one place too long I begin to hear those words, “On the road again. Just can’t wait to get on the road again…” My wife Cheryl can sense my restlessness when I’ve been home more than a few weeks. I can’t watch the news or any program that gives me a peek into faraway places without wondering about the people who live there and what they believe and whether they have access to the gospel. I become restless thinking about those who live where Christ is not known or where the introduction of a biblical worldview can tip the scales in favor of justice for the oppressed or hope for those in despair.

I am currently on the road again, traveling to the state of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India to join our partners at Life International, an organization whose mission field is the one created by abortion. Our missions ministry has previously partnered with Life International to establish a pregnancy help center in Uganda. And together we are currently working with our friend Steve Hyde, founder of Asia for Jesus, to champion the rights of the preborn in Cambodia. Our team will spend the coming days teaching pastors, church leaders, and nursing students about all things related to the sanctity of human life. Each of us is responsible for several hours of teaching that we trust will give our listeners a more comprehensive understanding of God’s passion for the least of these and for the preborn — those precious lives hidden in the womb and that are the most vulnerable to acts of violence.

If you or I live in a dangerous place we have the option of relocating to a safer place. However, a child in the womb of a woman contemplating an abortion does not have the option of relocating to a safer womb. This is why we are spreading the message about the sanctity of human life. A couple of years ago, 33 miners in Chile became trapped in the bowels of the earth. The news of their life-threatening plight captured the imaginations of people around the globe. The world offered Chile its resources and expertise to help rescue these men. The almost 70 days that these men were trapped in the earth’s dark womb reminded us all that human life is indeed sacred. Fortunately for these men, their rescuers were for life and acted accordingly. If any of us had been trapped with them we too would have prayed for men and women who valued life and were willing to give themselves to our rescue. A child in the womb and in danger of being aborted deserves to have champions as well. That’s why I am on the road again to join our partners in spreading the message of life and sharing the story of why life is sacred.


  1. Hope & pray all goes well for you in Andhra Pradesh.

    God Bless you for your concern for the Unborn Children of India

    Paul & Sarah Beniston

    • Thanks, Paul and Sarah. Always appreciate your encouraging comments and prayers.

  2. Thanks Omar,
    My daughter, Debbie Dutton, is with you in India and I feel that she must have gotten to India safely. God bless you and your mission in India,
    Ilene Quick

    • Thanks, Ilene. Debbie is doing great. So glad that she is on our team.

  3. Brother Omar

    “There are journeys singing for me in their roads”
    That’s translation of what we have in Persian poem, from Sohrab Sepehri who lived a loved life giving peace and love to people around him having a nature of God in him.

    What a similarity.

    I see how you’ve dedicated your life to and for giving. One could imagine how is your life on the road and how much this life style could be intolerable for those who are far from the core philosophy.

    You are a real human lover for sure and it must have come in you just from the Love Jesus showed us. You’re riding on the waves of Love i.e. your life of love.

    I am so happy God brought me here finding you.
    See you soon.

    • Thanks, Omid. I am grateful that God led you to Katy, Texas and I am also grateful for your friendship.

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