Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 27, 2011

Global Glimpses

Barbara (l) with Aiesha the potter. | Morocco

Who | Barbara Gilcrease

Where I’ve Traveled With Kingsland | I have traveled with Kingsland to Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Morocco, India, Mexico, Mongolia, and Kurdistan.

Why I Enjoy Going Beyond | I have always enjoyed a good challenge. When that challenge makes me totally dependent on Him, you can’t beat that feeling. The results last forever.

One Place That Touched My Heart | Shanti Dan — Mother Teresa’s home for destitute and ill women in Kolkata, India. We saw more need for love and care than we could ever fill in a short time. Our effort at being “Jesus with skin on” blessed us as much as it did these precious women. It was as simple as holding a hand, taking a walk, or throwing a ball with them. Each day the good-byes were difficult.

One Person I Will Never Forget | Shoab (or “Shawn”), our translator in Dhaka, Bangladesh was such a blessing. He asked many questions about life in America. Yes, there are many blessings in American life, but Jesus is one that we share because He lives in Dhaka, too. I often wonder how Shawn is doing and what his position is with Jesus today. It feels like unfinished business, which is not a good feeling to have.

My Advice To Older Adults | At sixteen years-old, I made a commitment to serve in whatever way God led me. It doesn’t surprise me that He allowed me to have these missions experiences at my age. I pray that I haven’t been a drag on younger team members. The call of God on my life when I was a teenager has made the seemingly impossible possible. I can’t even imagine not going beyond.

Note from Omar | Barbara is an inspiration to younger generations. She has been a delightful traveler and compassionate servant on every trip she has participated in. Rather than being “a drag on younger team members,” she has inspired us to do our work without complaining and to step up our game. She is the “Where’s Waldo” character and “Energizer Bunny” all rolled up into one person!


  1. Omar:

    I am so grateful you did this entry on how the LORD has used Ms. Barbara. I have grown to admire Barbara tremendously over these past 20 years. She is a tireless servant and she has embraced this role with all exuberance just as she did as a wife, mother and grandmother. She is a fantastic example for all of us. I only pray God will use me one-fourth as much as He uses Barbara.

    I don’t have Barbara’s email or I would let her know my sentiments. She has been such a steady rock and example for the rest of us at Kingsland.

    Your friend and brother,

    • Jeff…

      Thanks for sharing your encouraging insight about Barbara. She has indeed set a good example for others to follow. We are blessed to know her.


  2. Thank you, Barbara. It has been a several years that, have not seen you. I met you, a couple times here, in Bangladesh. Each time, you were so much blessed to me!

    Thanks once again, for sharing this, with us! We encouraged a lot!

    Have a good day!

    Mortuza Biswas

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