Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 30, 2011

Once Ordinary Days

My young Mom.

May 30 was once an ordinary day on my calendar, but all of that changed two years ago when my beautiful Mom passed away. And now, this day and the days that surround it are anything but ordinary. As this day drew closer I found myself becoming less talkative and more pensive. I found myself reflecting on the final days I spent with Mom in her hospital room. The last thing I did with Mom, before I left to return home for my youngest daughter’s graduation, was to lead my family in prayer around her hospital bed. Honestly, I did not expect that to be the last time I would look into her eyes, but it was. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to spend quiet moments with Mom before she died. Each of those moments is now a treasure.

When I was a young boy growing up in South Texas I did not think about calendars and the meaning of days (except for my birthday and Christmas). But as I got older, I noticed that Mom took note of the things that happened in our lives and anchored those happenings to days on the calendar. She remembered more than birthdays and anniversaries, she remembered so many seemingly random and ordinary things that she felt worthy of remembrance — first steps, first day of school, and so many other firsts in our lives. She had an amazing memory for dates and was our go-to person when we needed to verify dates of significant happenings in our family.

A few years ago I started mapping the geography of my family’s history on the pages of my calendar. What I have seen emerging is something of a topographical map that shows our mountaintops and valleys and where seemingly endless arid regions finally gave way to more fruitful and refreshing vistas. But more important, the events and seasons of our lives that are forever anchored to days on the calendar also show evidence of the faithfulness of God. There is not one thing we have experienced, good or bad, that we have had to face alone.

There are still many ordinary days on our calendar that will take on new meaning in the years to come. As we continue on our journey through life many of these days will cease to be ordinary because of a birth or a death or a special event or a tragedy. The landscape of each of our lives will continue to change until the day the ink is dry — the day when there will be no more days left to live. As I reflect on the topography of my Mom’s life today, I can see the faithfulness of God. I also take comfort in the fact that one day I will better understand all that God allowed to happen to our family on what were once ordinary days.


  1. What a beautiful story. She sounds like she was a very beautiful and special woman. Makes me think of my Mom, they sound very similar. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories. Just makes the tears well up in my eyes!

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