Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 31, 2011

My Father’s Flag

Seeing all of the American flags proudly waving in the breeze this past Memorial Day weekend got me to thinking about my father’s flag. Dad, an Air Force veteran, loves our country and our flag and has the Air Force theme song as the ring tone on his phone.

Soon after I had moved to Corpus Christi in 1978, my Dad told me that he wanted to put a flag pole in the front yard of our family’s South Texas home. So, on one of my weekend visits, Dad and I made a trip to a local plumbing company where we purchased a 20-foot galvanized pipe to use as a flag pole. We also purchased all of the hardware and ropes for the pole.

By the end of the day our home had a flag pole to rival the one at the local post office. It was great. My only concern was that folks might actually mistake our home for the local post office.

After returning to Corpus Christi, I contacted our local US Representative’s office and told them about Dad’s flag pole. I asked them if it would be possible for them to give my Dad one of the flags that had flown over the US Capitol. They agreed and within weeks sent me a flag and a certificate verifying the day the flag had flown over the Capitol. I presented that flag to my Dad a few weeks later at Christmas.

I enjoyed seeing so many flags on display this past weekend and wish that folks would leave them on display year-round. Having visited thirty-plus countries around the world, I can say that there is no place like the United States of America.

While in Bangladesh just weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I encountered several hostile people who shouted at me to go home. I finally decided that I would approach those individuals and ask them one question: “If I could give you enough money to go live with bin Laden or to go live in America, which would you choose?” To a person the answer was America! “Then why,” I asked, “are you so angry and shouting at me to go home.” To a person — no answer!

Even with all of our faults, many people around the world still find America attractive, at least attractive enough that they would move here if given the opportunity.

My Flag
Like my Dad, I love our country and I love to see the American flag on display. I have a modest flag on display in our front yard and will keep it on display year-round. I like seeing it when I leave for work and when I come home from the office.

This past weekend my wife and I talked a lot about our country and those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy. The flag in our front yard reminds us that we owe a debt of gratitude to these individuals. Cheryl and I have decided that one small way by which we can pay our debt of gratitude is by keeping our flag on display. So, that’s what we will do. Looking at our little flag also reminds me of my father’s flag and the day he and I proudly raised that flag in the front yard of our home.


  1. I love this post, Omar. My grandfather served in the war and was so patriotic, he gave all of us a flag and he wore a flag pin on his label every day. Jerry attached my flag to a pole and I always liked to have it on display in our house, but in the move, I don’t know where my flag ended up. I just hope somebody is using it to honor America.

  2. I love reading all of your articles! I especially like this one! We are truly blessed in this Country of ours! Mack and I proudly fly 5 flags at our modest little home in Katy. It gives me great pride every time I pass a home flying the colors. I thank God every day for the men and women who sacrifice their lives and their personal time to fight for our freedom. Dad had 4 brothers. All of them served in a branch of the military. We covered all 5 branches. Mack, served in the Navy and many of my cousins serve in the military. I love seeing us post the flags around the church. My heart just swells with pride.
    Thank you Omar, for your love and dedication to Gods Word and to your continuous work to keep the word spread throughout the world!

    Valerie Wallace

    • Thanks, Valerie, for your comment and kind words. We are indeed blessed to live in the USA.

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