Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 12, 2011

Of Mice and Boys

Kingsland's Diane Patterson Boys Boarding School

As our boarding school in India nears completion, I recently asked Doyle Lowry, Executive Pastor at Kingsland, to travel to Orissa to purchase computers and set up the computer room at our school. Dan Bradshaw, our IT guy, accompanied Doyle to handle all of the technical aspects of the work. They returned home this past weekend with a good report of their experiences in Orissa.

OG | We have experienced delays in the construction project over the past year because of lack of materials and workers and weather-related issues. What is the current status of the building project?

DL | The building is nearly complete. Sudhansu, the Director of our boarding school, hopes to begin construction on the wall surrounding the property prior to the rainy season (June/July).  He is hopeful that the boys will move into the new building in the next two months.

OG | What challenges did you face in purchasing and setting up the computers?

DL | Time difference (10 ½ hours ahead), language and culture were barriers in the purchase of the computers. We purchased eight Dell desktop computers along with cabling, switches and a printer to network the computers. It was a challenge to find a computer dealer in Bhubaneswar that was willing to work with us. Dan Bradshaw, Kingsland’s IT Director came to the church at midnight on more than one occasion to ‘broker the deal.’ Setting up the computers was not all that difficult, with one significant exception – POWER! In the small village where our boys home is located, there are daily power outages to contend with. We did purchase a Honda generator to serve as a backup. It came in handy as we used it every day we were there.

OG | What will adding computer-education mean to the boys in our boarding school?

DL | The addition of computer-education will be a game changer for these boys. It gives them knowledge and greatly increases their opportunities for future employment. There is also an immediate benefit in the joy of discovery and learning.

OG | How did the boys respond when they entered the room and saw the computers for the first time?

DL | It was amazing to watch the boys interact with the new computers. Prior to this week, they thought a mouse was a small rodent and a hard drive was a long journey. We take something like a computer for granted because it is so familiar to us. For these boys, this was a great adventure. What a joy to watch the wonder and amazement in their expressions.

Dan Bradshaw teaching boys to use a computer.

OG | How will our computer room be used at other times?

DL | The computer lab will be used to minister to the village and the surrounding area. Word has already spread and people are inquiring about receiving training. There is even the possibility that the computers could be used to generate a small income stream for the boys’ school.

OG | What is your best memory from this trip?

DL | I was able to see India through fresh eyes. This was Dan’s first international trip. He jumped in to the deep end. Strangely enough, after having traveled to India on four separate occasions, it is easy to lose an edge and become more familiar with the cultural differences and the human suffering that so many in our world face on a daily basis. God gave me a gift of seeing this again as if it were my first time.


  1. Great to hear school with ict provision is nearly completion. The Indian nation excels at ICT and ICT teaching at school will enable them to be part of India’s growth.
    Also it is so necessary for a Christian input into Orissa where so many bad things have been done against Christians.
    Keep up the good work Omar and all at Kingsland.

    • Thanks, Paul. It is exciting to see things progress with our boys and to be able to offer them an opportunity to learn to use a computer.

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