Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 22, 2010

Anatomy of Abduction

   Undisclosed Location | West Bengal | 21 January 2010

   I have been looking forward to this day for several months. Today, the team and I drove a long distance to visit the aftercare home that Kingsland will help to fund. This home is a refuge for girls and young ladies rescued from commercial sex exploitation. The home can accommodate up to 150 residents and currently cares for 132 precious girls. I’m not sure anything can fully prepare you to look into the faces of young girls whose innocence was brutally taken from them and who were robbed of their childhood. I was shocked to learn that one of the girls came from an area where families breed their daughters for prostitution and sell them into the business. I can’t wrap my mind around that kind of depravity. But today, the team and I had an opportunity to learn about the anatomy of abduction.

   In his classic work, The Divine Comedy, Dante assigned the lowest section of hell to those who betray others. After today, I could easily assign sex traffickers and those who oppress the innocent to an even lower section of hell because they are the worst of deceivers and betrayers. Most of the young girls we met today were lured away from their impoverished families by false promises. Promised that they would be taken to do honest work that would enable them to help support their families, they left their homes with altruistic intentions. That’s when the nightmare begins for the victims of sex trafficking. In most cases, their abductors take their young victims to a private residence where they repeatedly rape them. Every act of rape violently rips away one more layer of self-esteem and obscures any feelings of self-worth. From that point on the girls begin their descent into the horrible and dark abyss of abuse in brothels.

   Today, we looked into the faces of those who have been rescued out of the pit. Their feet are once again on solid ground, but their steps are still painful. They suffer from their own brand of post-traumatic stress and wonder if their damaged lives can ever be repaired. When they close their eyes at night they relive scenes of unimaginable abuse, forced abortions, beatings, and more. They wonder about the welfare of their families who have not heard any word from or about them. A few deal with confusing thoughts of why a family member knowingly sold them into the hell from which they have been rescued. And, they all live with fears – from the fear of whether this might happen again to the fear of whether they will ever be accepted.

   I had an opportunity to listen to a staff member read some of the things the girls have written. What these girls write opens a window into the pain they hide behind strained smiles and cautious looks. One note in particular caught my attention because of its simple title – “Mother.” Having lost my beautiful mother seven months ago, I wanted to hear what this young girl had written about her mother. This is a translation of her heart-wrenching sentiments:

Mother, where have you gotten lost?
I am unable to find you.
If I extend my hand, I am unable to touch you.
Are you here on earth?
If you are, please respond to me at least once.
I have not seen you for so many days.
I am unable to tolerate this pain.
I am unable to study.
I don’t like living on this earth anymore.

   So, this is a little glimpse into today, a day that brought us face to face with a terrible reality that most people are unaware of. Today I am more certain than ever that we can make a difference in the lives of these and others trapped in the dark world of slavery. Kingsland is determined to act intentionally on behalf of those whose voices rise up from dark pits, calling out for a champion. Because justice matters to God, it matters to us.


  1. Omar–Thanks for the constant reminder that what we experience in Katy, TX is not the norm. I am in tears reading these girls stories; I cannot imagine my daughter in that circumstance. Thank you for bringing light to me on these poor girls.

  2. Ephesians 4:8Therefore it says,

    Psalm 107:16 for he breaks down gates of bronze
    and cuts through bars of iron.

    Worked with a unnamed organization on the slave trade in India and saw an undercover video of an entire train boxcar of 7-8 year old girls being unloaded into a brothel. One little one was not yet compliant and tried to get away from the guards as she was getting off the train. Will never forget the look of sheer terror in her eyes.

    May our Precious Lord and Savior Champion give you divine wisdom and opportunities to combat this scourge.

    Come, Lord Jesus.

  3. Dear Omar and Team,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me today. It was very difficult to read. I am praying for you all. God bless you.

    Laurie Reeder

  4. Dear Omar, Amy and Team. Blessing on you for your work here. our prayers are with you. Linda

  5. Thank you for taking the time to share these stories with us. Like Lisa, I pray come Lord Jesus! Praying for the team while you are there. And for more believers to be moved to action against such wicked acts.

  6. Hey guys,
    My sister is Janet and I have have been praying for and thinking about ya’ll. I’m sure these young girls will see the love of Christ in you. I’m sure you will make connections. I pray for God’s protection for all of you.

  7. Dear Omar, Amy, Trisha and Team India –

    I can’t imagine how heart breaking to meet these girls and hear about the intense suffering and destruction they have lived through. Thank you for opening our eyes to the contrasting lives we live. Thank you for ministering to these girls. I look forward to hearing how we can minister to the safe house with our prayers and concrete ways of showing the Christ’s love to them. We miss you and are praying for you as His Holy Spirit brings you to mind. Sandy W

  8. I am keep reading & learning your service in Calcutta.

    Thanks for doing according to the scriptures (Matt 25:40).

    Have a wonderful time here, for show loves of our great God!!


  9. As a mom, I had tears as I read this article and have been praying for you all on this trip. I’m sure you all are a blessing to these girls who need to see the love of Jesus and of regular humans.

  10. Naive, speechless and horrified… I lift them and you all up to the Lord, for Him to sustain, as only He can.

  11. Omar, your words put sound and color and life to these little girls and make them real to us. Thank you for that. May God be glorified in your efforts there and the things we at Kingsland can do to affect change for them. My heart is broken, I wish I could take them all in and love on them. Bless you for bringing this home. May the God of peace and comfort reign over this house of love and safety and may these precious girls find healing in Him. hs

  12., how do you do it

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