Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 15, 2008

Still No Room

Persecuted   Those of you who are faithful readers of my blog know that I do not post photos but instead use words to help you envision the people and the places I visit. Today I am making an exception. In the interest of saving a thousand words I thought I would post only one of the many photos I received this week from my friends in Orissa, India. Believers in Orissa have been the target of persecution for years. 2007 was one of the worst years of violence against Christians in India’s history. The pages of 2008 are marred by even more bloodshed and destruction.

   My dear friends in Orissa report that things are still tense as Christmas approaches. Many of the photos I received this week are of homes and churches I have visited in Orissa that are now reduced to rubble. Christians displaced by the persecution are still living in camps while others remain in hiding in the woods. Many, like the little girl in the photo, will bear the physical scars and carry the emotional pain of persecution for a lifetime. Others have paid the ultimate price for their faith.

   There will be no room for Jesus again this Christmas in India’s most devout Hindu state. Ironically, Hindus in Orissa, with their pantheon of millions of gods, cannot tolerate Jesus. Look at the burned face of the little girl in the photo. Her only crime was belonging to a Christian family that refused to renounce their faith in Christ. As we celebrate Christmas in the comfort and security of our homes, let’s remember to pray for our fellow Christ-followers in Orissa.

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Note | Read my post entitled “Are You Going Bald?” to learn more about persecution in Orissa.


  1. Omar,

    I am still keep praying for my favorite country India. It’s hurts my heart to hear and seeing the persecutions followers of Jesus. I would like to go and see the people of Orissa. If possible.


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