Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 1, 2008

Squeaky Chariot Wheels

   My friend Jay Lowe is a businessman, an avid adventurer, storm-chaser, Guinness world-record holder, world traveler, and faithful follower of Jesus. He is one of my favorite traveling companions. Over the years we have navigated down remote rivers in Bangladesh, trekked across the Mongolian steppes, ventured to forgotten islands in the Bay of Bengal, and walked in the hills of India. Everywhere we travel, Jay looks for opportunities to talk with others about Jesus. But, Jay also talks with others about Jesus at home — from the homeless to his well-dressed business associates. He actively looks for opportunities daily to do so.

   Jay reminds me of Philip the evangelist. After the stoning of Stephen (Acts 7), Philip ventured to an unnamed city in Samaria (Acts 8:5), a place where most Jewish believers never thought they would go, and unwittingly became the first missionary in Acts. The Jews considered the Samaritans half-breeds and religious apostates and did not associate with them (see John 4:9). Like Philip, Jay is willing to go anywhere in order to connect with those who have not heard the good news about Jesus.

   When an angel of the Lord commanded Philip to leave Samaria and go to a desert road (Acts 8:26), he met an Ethiopian eunuch who was on his way home from Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit told Philip to go and walk beside the man’s chariot. Jay is also sensitive to the Spirit’s promptings to take the initiative in approaching others. When Philip approached, he heard the Ethiopian reading from Isaiah. Listening enabled him to discover where the Ethiopian was in his spiritual understanding. We often miss opportunities to share the gospel because we fail to listen first. Jay has learned to listen first and then talk. He understands that listening can help us determine what questions to ask — questions that can open an individual’s heart to the truth of the gospel.

   Jay understands that every day is filled with opportunities to talk with others about Jesus. Sadly, we often miss out on these opportunities because we are not tuned in to the sounds of squeaky chariot wheels. If we’ll listen carefully, we might hear someone express concerns about their job, their marriage, a rebellious child, or a serious illness. These are the sounds of squeaky chariot wheels that signal an approaching opportunity to talk with others about Jesus. Don’t let these chariots pass you by. Instead, be like Philip and Jay and take the initiative to share Jesus with someone headed down the wrong path.

• • • • •

PS | Jay has written an excellent course entitled Witnessing Made Easy. Visit his website to learn more. And, read about Jay’s remarkable Dad in my post entitled No Limits.

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