Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 30, 2008

Look for Dirty Feet

   My friend Jerry Squyres, founder of Innovative Mission Opportunities, led a short-term mission team to provide medical care for an unreached people group in Southeast Asia. His team traveled to a remote region where they set up a makeshift clinic under a lush canopy of trees. Word quickly spread throughout the area that people from America had come to provide free medical care. Soon, people began to emerge from among the trees, curious yet hopeful. Every one of these prospective patients had walked several miles over rough terrain in bare feet or shoddy sandals.

   One of the doctors was deeply moved by the sight of the dirty, calloused, and swollen feet of those who had come to the clinic. Remembering the example of Jesus (John 13:5-17), he secured a basin and a towel and began to wash feet. The people were stunned by this action. One individual commented, “You are an American — one of the highest of the high in the world. I am a poor individual — the lowest of the low in my country. How can one so high stoop to wash the lowest part of one so low?”

   Word of the humble and compassionate act of kindness provided by this doctor soon spread throughout the area. As a result, the people who traveled to the clinic to receive physical care became more receptive to the spiritual care they desperately needed. And, those who did not go to the clinic, but had heard about the foot-washer, also became receptive to the gospel. God used a highly educated medical doctor willing to perform a simple but Christ-like act of kindness to open doors for the gospel. He used dirty feet to usher the cleansing message of the gospel into sinful hearts — and many professed faith in Christ as a result.

   When was the last time you performed a menial act of kindness for another and by so doing demonstrated the love of Christ? When was the last time you set aside the outer garment of pride and wrapped a towel of humility around your waist to do a task no one else would do? Let’s look for every opportunity this week to live the message so that we can share the message. We can start by looking for dirty feet.

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Note | Learn more about Dr. Jerry Squyres and the ministry of Innovative Mission Opportunities online.


  1. Omar,

    I have readied your articles “dirty feet” here in Bangladesh; we are all dirty feet’s people. I much have to practicing to wash those feet’s by my self. in fact, I have to have to such a attitude.

    I have meet to Jerry Squares at Rajshahi in Bangladesh in year 2000 I guess.

    Thank you for such a note!


  2. Mortuza…

    I thank God for you and for your servant’s heart. Thanks for all you are doing to make His name famous in Bangladesh.


    PS | We are all dirty feet people!

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