Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 6, 2023

Caring for Katy 2023 Video

On Sunday, February 26, we observed our 16th Annual Caring for Katy. This is the day we close the doors to the church and go out into our community to be the church. Words can’t express how cool it was to see the people of Kingsland — all generations — serving together throughout our community.

We believe that service is an essential component of spiritual formation. Caring for Katy provides all of our members the opportunity to serve and also provides families the opportunity to make memories of serving together.

A total of fifty of our community groups engaged in 68 service initiatives from Katy to Brookshire. Our teams cared for widows and single moms, ministered to families who have suffered great loss, assisted local ministries and churches, and more. We demonstrated the love of God in practical, measurable, and meaningful ways.

Andrew Probsfeldt has again produced our Caring for Katy video. I hope you enjoy this look at what happened when the church left the building.


  1. The amount of positive impact that takes place in the broader community when the church leaves the building is remarkable. Thank you, Kingsland, for your amazing service!

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