Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 28, 2021

Why Hope Matters

Eric Hoffer was a San Francisco dockworker who rose to prominence in the American literary and philosophical scene in 1951 when he published his first book, The True Believer. I read Hoffer’s book in college and have never forgotten what he wrote about hope.

Hoffer observed that in a modern society, people can live without hope only when kept dazed and out of breath by incessant hustling. He was right. Incessant hustling distracts many people from coming face to face with despair.

The coronavirus pandemic interrupted the incessant hustling of billions. Around the globe, people were forced to look despair in the eye. Like the Israelites who had covered their doorposts and lintels with the blood of a lamb, people sheltered in place and prayed the coronavirus would pass over their homes.

The pandemic also exacerbated already difficult situations. For those who struggle daily to survive, food insecurities made life more difficult. Health concerns became more ominous. Job layoffs and school closures created unexpected challenges. These and other difficulties obscured the light of hope for many.

Our missions ministry pivoted to meet pandemic-related needs in our community and among the nations. Chief among those needs was restoring, rekindling, and reviving hope in the lives of desperate people.

We addressed food insecurity, health concerns, and more. Working through our many partners, we looked for ways to strategically meet needs, keep despair at bay, and allow the warm rays of hope to bathe troubled hearts.

Our missions ministry has published and mailed Kingsland families and guests a copy of “Hope for the Nations” - our 2021-2022 report and update. Watch for it in your mailbox.

Every initiative detailed in this report tells a story of why hope matters. We believe that apart from God there is no real hope for troubled souls or troubled nations. That is why we are committed to sharing His story and demonstrating His love around the globe. We remain committed to caring for people in their respective missional contexts.

I am grateful for the generosity of our Kingsland family that enables us to offer the only real hope for the nations — Jesus Christ and His generous offer of eternal life to all who place their faith in Him.


  1. Amen Pastor!!
    Hope is always there!!

    • Miss you, my friend. Please give my greetings to your family.

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