Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 16, 2020

On Social Distancing

Social distancing is a term that is now a part of our vocabulary thanks to the Coronavirus. In an effort to “flatten the curve” (another new phrase that has made it into our speech) or slow the spread of the newest virus to plague the planet, public health officials have called on us to practice social distancing.

Social distancing measures address when and where people can gather in order to stop or slow the spread of the highly contagious Coronavirus. Practicing social distancing has resulted in the cancelation of events and gatherings and closing or limiting access to buildings, businesses, and restaurants.

Quarantine is the most extreme expression of social distancing. Those infected with the Coronavirus have to undergo quarantine for a specified period. Others who fear they might have the virus can opt to self-quarantine for at least the incubation period of the virus.

The Coronavirus scare has created lots of fear, and understandably so — thus the call to practice social distancing.

Fear always creates distance — that’s what fear does best. Most folks generally try to keep a safe distance away from the things that frighten them. Distancing ourselves from things that frighten or can harm us is not all bad. Parents teach their kids to not play with fire and to stay away from strangers. That’s good advice!

Although we can’t see it now, the day is coming when things will get back to normal and social distancing will become a thing of the past. Or will it? I read one meme that said, “I don’t like to brag but I’ve been avoiding people since way before the coronavirus.” Some truths are said in jest.

The kingdom of God is all about closing the distance rather than creating distance. When we were at our point of greatest need, Jesus closed the distance between heaven and earth by moving in our direction. He set the ultimate example of what closing the distance looks like.

After the Coronavirus chapter is behind us, and it will be, let’s make sure that we do not allow fear to continue distancing us from people. In order to fulfill the purposes of God we must move in the direction of our fears and then push past them.

Every advance that has been made for the kingdom of God has been made by those who had the courage to press on in spite of their fears. Rather than allowing their fears to paralyze them, these intrepid souls closed the distance that separated them from people in need. And that changed everything for the people in need.

One thing is certain, the most amazing adventures await those who close the distance between themselves and their fears. Peter understood that when he left the safety of a perfectly good boat to take a walk on a stormy sea. Paul experienced that when he left the shores of Troas at the urging of a Macedonian man in need who had appeared to him in a dream.

For the time being, keep on practicing the social distancing that will help to flatten the Coronavirus curve. If you have to stay home, then factor in time to close any distance between you and God. Deepen your relationship with Him by spending time in His Word and in prayer while you have more discretionary time to do so.

And when the days of the Coronavirus pandemic are finally in the rearview mirror, look ahead and determine to close the distance between yourself and others. Draw near to others and offer them the healing and hope that can only be found when we draw near to God.


  1. A great word of hope and encouragement. Thank you, Omar!

  2. Omar,
    Thanks for a voice of reason, hope and encouragement.

    • Thanks for reading and your kind words, Linda.

  3. Well written!

  4. Omar,
    Thanks for the voice of reason.

    Christ in you. The Hope of Glory.


  5. Thanks for the reassuring words of hope.

    • You’re welcome, Margaret. Thanks for reading.

  6. Good thoughts. Everyone has a choice to make in these uncertain days. Prayerfully, many will draw closer to God and continue to share His love and the Gospel after Covid-19.

    • Amen, Jeff and Charmé. May many draw closer to God and may many begin to look to God.

      • Yes! Amen and Amen! Stay safe, and keep trusting in Jesus.

      • 😀👍

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