Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 27, 2019

On Memorial Day

Today, Americans around the country will visit monuments and cemeteries to honor those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy. Many of us will fire up our barbecue grills, go to parks for family picnics, or simply enjoy a relaxing day off. Whatever you do on Memorial Day, please be sure to set aside some time to help your children and grandchildren understand the reason we observe Memorial Day.

M= Meaning | We observe Memorial Day on the last Monday in May. Teach your children the meaning of Memorial Day — the day we remember those who gave their lives fighting for our freedom.

E = Educate | Teach your children and grandchildren about your personal family military history. Tell them about family members who served in the military and any who lost their lives while serving.

M = Mount | Mount an American flag in your yard or purchase several small American flags and place them on the graves of soldiers at a local cemetery. Buy small flags to give to neighbors.

O = Ownership | Take ownership of Memorial Day even if no one in your family has served in the military. The men and women who gave their lives did so to secure your freedoms. Honor them by observing Memorial Day.

R = Reach | Reach out to a family who lost a loved one in military service. Perhaps you can write a letter to a family who lost a son or daughter or place a flag and flowers upon their grave.

I = Internet | Search the internet for information on Memorial Day. Visit the Vietnam Memorial online or other sites to help your children learn about the sacrifices made by others for our freedom.

A = Ask | Ask God to continue to bless America. Pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones in military service. Pray for those presently serving in our armed forces.

L = Live | Encourage your children to live each day with gratitude and appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy. Purpose that you will not take this precious freedom for granted.


  1. Omar, thanks for the reminder to all of your readers to explain the meaning of Memorial day. Being married to a family who has many members either serving currently or have served, it humbles me all the sacrifices that people in uniform have done and continue doing for this great country. I pray for our troops and for those who paid the ultimate price.

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