Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 14, 2018

She Deserves To Be Alive

In what is perhaps the most bizarre and creepy advertisement in favor of abortion, The Agenda Project Action Fund managed to reach a new low. Their forty-second video ad, titled “The Chosen,” draws you in with the disarming image of an absolutely beautiful baby girl — and then hits your sensibilities right in the gut.

As the video starts, the baby girl is gently cooing and reaching toward the screen as Brahm’s “Lullaby” plays in the background. A few seconds in, a message is displayed on the screen: She deserves to be (pause added for dramatic effect) loved.

A few seconds later another message appears on the screen: She deserves to be (pause) wanted.

Finally, a third message appears on the screen: She deserves to be (pause) a choice. This followed by the hashtag #StandWithPP.

A wise man once said that what lies in the well of the heart will, sooner or later, come up in the bucket of speech. This ad, although not new, certainly dredged up a bucketful of depravity from the depths of an organization that has no problem with ending life in the womb, and perhaps out of the womb. The ad can be interpreted as promoting both abortion and infanticide.

According to this ad, being a choice ranks right up there with being loved and wanted. They are all equal as far as the Agenda Project is concerned. This ad lays out the criteria they believe a child needs to meet in order to avoid being aborted. And since a child in the womb of an abortion-minded woman is neither loved nor wanted, then the choice to terminate that life is acceptable.

Why is it that a baby is a baby only when it is convenient and only when it is loved and wanted by the mother? Why is it that when it is not convenient then the baby is reclassified as tissue or clumps of cells?

Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason observes, “If the unborn is not human, then no justification for abortion is necessary. It would be no different from having a mole removed or a tooth pulled. But if the unborn is human, then no justification for abortion is adequate.”

Choices do indeed have consequences — and the preborn are always on the losing end of choices made by those who deem they are neither loved nor wanted or have come at an inconvenient time (as if the child had anything to do with that). Mother Teresa observed, “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”

The Agenda Project Action Fund website claims that they don’t spend big bucks to buy media so that they can impose their ideas on America. “Instead,” they claim, “we create remarkable expressions of our values which spread because truth cannot be ignored.”

The Agenda Project has indeed communicated more than their values, they have also imposed their ideas. They certainly have a right to do that, even if their ideas are based on a worldview that favors the strong and puts the weak and vulnerable at risk. Even though I do not like their ad, it is at least an honest reflection of their values. No question about where they stand.

Yes, every child deserves to be loved and wanted. But every child also deserves to be alive. If we are not careful, by denying the right to life to the preborn, we will unwittingly contribute to building the gallows that may one day put our own lives in danger if we are ever classified as unloved and unwanted.


  1. Amen, Omar. That worldview naturally extends to the disabled, the elderly, people who are ‘inconvenient’ to care for, or whose lives have been deemed to have little or no ‘quality’ by those in positions of power. In Nazi German it was called ‘The Solution’. It’s a culture of death and grounds for God’s coming judgment. Father, may Your Holy Spirit move and change hearts!

    • Thanks, Pam. Appreciate your feedback. I totally agree.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. All truth. All real. All biblical.

  3. My brother… you have greatly encouraged me on this day! Profound writing!

    • Thanks, Kurt. Grateful for you and your team at Life International and for your wonderful work on the mission field created by abortion.

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