Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 6, 2018

After the Mid-Terms

Today, record numbers of Americans are casting their votes in the mid-term elections. In a few hours, we will know the new makeup of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Early forecasts indicate that both Democrats and Republicans may each have something to be happy about.

After the mid-terms we will enter into the next news cycle in which pundits will do their thing. Personalities on both sides will point to the sky and declare that while it may not be falling just yet, from where they stand it certainly appears to be sagging a bit more than usual.

After the mid-terms, we can be assured that the political dialogue, such as it is, will continue. I use the words “such as it is” to describe our dialogue because we have seemingly lost the capacity to treat those with whom we disagree with kindness and respect.

When we replace the exchange of ideas with the exchange of insults we create the kind of static that makes it hard to listen to one another — or to want to listen to one another. If you cut off another person’s nose then it really will make it hard for them to smell your rose.

I am praying that, after the mid-terms, the winds of respect and civility will return and blow away the toxic clouds of vitriol that have us all gasping for air. We must not allow our political views to obscure our view of people and their inherent worth as those created in God’s image. We must not disparage others or wish them harm just because they hold a different view.

As a Christ-follower, I believe that God is ultimately in control. And if God is in control then nothing under His control can ever be out of control. He is moving history in a meaningful and purposeful direction. Our frustrations stem from not knowing what God knows and failing to recognize His ways.

After their exodus from Egypt, the Israelites were guilty of complaining much about Moses, their leader. On those occasions when they either ran out of water or bread, they complained that Moses had led them into the wilderness to die. The people based their happiness on having to see God act on their behalf in a certain way. If God failed to act in the way they wanted, then they complained.

Moses, on the other hand, looked beyond the acts of God to consider the ways of God. He did not have to see God perform certain acts in order to be assured that God was acting. He understood the ways of God — that God had a greater purpose for His people that transcended their fears and the signs they wanted in order to feel better about their journey through the wilderness.

That’s why the writer of Hebrews used a particular Greek word to describe Moses’ servanthood — the word “therapon” from which we get our word therapy and therapist. Because Moses understood the deeper ways of God he did not panic when the water or the food ran low. He knew that God was up to something bigger, that He was in control, and that He would work out His purposes.

I believe that God is up to something bigger and that He uses the most unlikely people to accomplish His purposes. I am therefore committed to trusting Him regardless of the outcome of the mid-term elections. If candidates for whom I did not vote are elected, then that is my cue to pray for them and to ask God to give them the wisdom to lead us well.

I love America. Having traveled to almost fifty countries, I can say with all certainty that there is no better place on earth — and no other place I want to live. I am grateful to live in a country where I can exercise my right to vote even though that right does not guarantee the results I may want.

Here is what I will not do after the mid-terms. I will not speak ill of those who are elected or who hold a different political view. I will not allow politics to become the determining factor to friendship or fellowship. I will not panic and declare that the sky is falling. I will not lose hope or give in to despair. And I will not trust my limited understanding.

Instead, I will love people regardless of the political banner they fly. I will treat others with respect and not allow unwholesome speech to come out of my mouth. I will continue to believe that God’s ways are good, that nothing catches Him by surprise, that His thoughts are higher than mine, and that His ways and purposes are beyond my understanding.


  1. May we share this? Giving you credit of course.

    Very well said, Omar!

    Shirley Brooks


  2. Amen! Agreed. God Bless America.

  3. Thank you, Omar. On target as always. Praying for peace no matter what!

    Bless you, jack

    • Thanks, Jack. Praying with you for peace.

  4. Thanks Omar! Great words!

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  5. Well said

  6. Amen! Well stated. May God Bless America!

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