Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 25, 2009

Deuteronomy 11:1-9

• Remembering the Greatness of the Lord | Deuteronomy 11:1-9

11:1-9 | Moses again emphasized the relationship between love for God and obedience to God (11:1). Those who love God should demonstrate that love by obeying God. Obedience is the ultimate test of our love for God (John 14:15). Moses reminded the Israelites of the greatness of God by reviewing God’s acts in the past.

First, Moses reminded the people of how God had demonstrated His greatness in Egypt (11:2-3). He gave God all the credit for the mighty things that happened (notice the repeated use of the personal pronoun “He”).

Second, Moses reminded the people of how God had demonstrated His greatness in the Exodus by completely destroying the pursuing Egyptian army (11:4).

Third, Moses reminded the people of how God had demonstrated His greatness in the wilderness (11:5-8). The wilderness experience was a school in which the people were taught the importance of trusting God for all their needs (see Deuteronomy 8:2-5). God demonstrated His providential care for His people in the wilderness (11:5). God also demonstrated His displeasure with their rebellion in the wilderness (11:6 and read also Numbers 16 for more information on Korah’s rebellion and the role played by Dathan and Abiram).

Look for the imprints of God’s greatness. | Wherever God walks and works He leaves imprints of His greatness. An examination of God’s activity in our lives will reveal His greatness, His love and concern, and His providential care.

Moses prefaced this brief review by stating, “I am not speaking with your sons who have not known and who have not seen” (11:2) and ended by stating, “but your own eyes have seen all the great work of the Lord which He did” (11:7). Those who have seen and experienced the things which the Lord has done have a responsibility to share what they have learned with those who do not know and who have not seen. These lessons should be embodied in our character and conduct.

Deuteronomy 11:8 and 9 outline the practical benefits of obedience to God.

First, power … “so that you may be strong” (11:8). We become spiritually strong through obedience to God.

Second, possession … “and go in and possess the land” (11:8).

Third, prolonged life … “so that you may prolong your days on the land” (11:9).

These verses emphasize that obedience, and not military skill, would be the key to success in the land.

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