Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 7, 2018

Imagine and Wonder

I believe in kids — and am convinced that God can use kids to do a whole lot more than we might think.

At Kingsland, we are committed to helping our kids understand the needs of others at home and among the nations. We want for our kids to embrace the challenge of moving in the direction of people in need, just as Jesus did, and making a difference.

One thing is certain, kids do not have to wait until they are all grown up to help change the world. Over the years, our Kingsland kids have raised funds to help kids in need around the planet. They have invested in schools, orphanages, clinics, housing for refugees, and more — all in some of the most difficult places in the world.

Next week, the kids who attend our Vacation Bible School will learn about the water crisis and how it impacts the lives of kids their age around the world. This is serious stuff, because many kids die every minute of the day as a result of water-related concerns. This summer’s initiative is about saving lives and changing lives.

I am excited about this summer’s edition of our Go Beyond Kid’s Explorers Club kit — designed to help our kids understand all about water. I have written a little book entitled “Imagine and Wonder: A Story About Water” to help our kids get a sense of the challenges faced by kids who live in places without access to clean water. My friend Lesley Steinweg has beautifully illustrated the book.

Each of the kids who attends our Vacation Bible School will receive a Go Beyond Explorers Club kit filled with all kinds of interactive resources to help them learn all about water. We will challenge our kids to raise funds to sponsor three water wells to be drilled in partnership with Living Water International. Our missions ministry will sponsor an additional three wells on behalf of our Kingsland kids.

As I write these words while waiting for my flight home from Guatemala, I am filled with excitement at the thought of what our gift will mean to the people of six villages around the world — and the opportunity they will also have to learn about Jesus who alone can satisfy our deepest thirst. Imagine and wonder about how so many lives will be changed because we are teaching our kids to move in the direction of those who are thirsty.

I am looking forward to another great VBS at Kingsland as our kids learn about the water crisis and, once again, rise to the challenge of making a difference in the lives of others.


  1. Goodness Omar, there is not a place or issue on the planet on which you are not working! May God bless your continued efforts to move towards people in need. I heard about the initiative to raise funds at VBS from my kids (both of the ones still at home volunteered for the week). I was extremely impressed by the goal to raise funds for 3 wells, with the sponsor then drilling 3 more. I was totally unprepared for the actual result, but I won’t steal your thunder. Let’s just say that “God is Good”, all the time, and that He uses good men like you to help those that need help the most. Go God, and Go O!

    • Hi Rush… Our kids hit it out of the park at VBS. They raised funds to underwrite three water wells and our missions council matched the funds to sponsor an additional three water wells. So many will be blessed by this initiative.

      Grateful for your friendship and for always encouraging me. Thanks a million.

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