Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 4, 2018

My Adventure Resolutions

Over the past several years, my blog posts at the start of each new year have addressed my determination to strengthen the core spiritual disciplines that are vital to a healthy and meaningful walk with God. As I begin the new year, I remain committed to continuing to do the things that will help me to love God, grow in my relationship with Him, advance His interests, and serve others.

However, I want to add something new to my list of new year’s resolutions that address my heart for adventure. I do so without apology because I believe that God created us to enjoy adventure, especially in the context of His magnificent gift of the outdoors. I believe that the outdoors is really good medicine for improving our spiritual, physical, and emotional health.

So, this year, I am adding the following items to my list of resolutions.

Push Your Limits

This resolution is consistent with the title of my blog. I want to go beyond — to take another step beyond the line that delineates the farthest I have ever been in terms of adventuring.

To date I have stood on the summit of four of the seven highest points in Texas. One of my goals for this new year is to reach the summits of Shumard Peak and Bartlett Peak, two more of the 8,000-plus foot peaks in the Lone Star State. Reaching both of these peaks will require bushwhacking, improving my map and compass skills, and doing some primitive camping.

How will you push your limits this year?

Get Stronger
I know that in order to successfully accomplish this year’s adventure resolutions, I need to get stronger. I don’t mind telling you that at 61-years of age I have to work harder than ever before to burn off extra calories and to maintain muscle strength.

This year I am especially determined to strengthen my core. That means that every day I have to hit the gym in my garage and embrace the pain of exercise. No excuses! No waiting until later or putting it off until I feel better or the weather improves or whatever. I can’t afford to make excuses or to kill time because time is killing me.

What will you do this year to improve your health?

Explore New Trails

Conservationist John Muir loved to hike and explore new trails. His countless miles of meanderings inspired him to write what has become a favorite quote: “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” That’s really good advice! I never get tired of hiking or biking a new trail that leads me to a view that takes my breath away.

Whether hiking or biking, I can’t wait to hit the trails this year. Some friends and I participated in the First Day Ride at Brazos Bend State Park on January 1. With temps in the mid-thirties, it was a cold and invigorating ride. We will head out again this weekend to explore the trails in another state park. With ninety-five state parks in the Lone Star State, there is no excuse for not exploring new trails.

Where will you venture this year to explore new trails?

Try Something New
A little over a year ago I added heavy bag training to my workout routine. A modest investment is all it took to get started — along with advice from a kick-boxing friend and a lot of YouTube videos. This cardio-intensive workout is now part of my exercise routine.

Last year I added a series of new cardio exercises to my interval training routine, including battle rope and kettle bells. I started this new year off by adding some new exercises to my daily workout routine that will help me to strengthen my core. I also have a couple of new adventures in queue that I will write about later.

What new things will you try this year that will stretch and challenge you?

Opt Outside

Whatever else you do this year, make it a point to opt outside. Go beyond watching Bear Grylls or those Alaska guys on TV doing adventurous stuff. Have your own adventures in whatever way works best for you. Walk one mile or a hundred. Breathe fresh air. Sleep under the stars. Prepare a meal over a campfire. Photograph landscapes or wildlife or flowers or clouds. Learn about the flora and fauna in your neck of the woods. Engage in and enjoy the outdoors. After all, the outdoors is one huge magnificent gift from God to you.

Will you opt outside this year?


  1. You have certainly ‘thrown the gauntlet down!!’ You have challenged and inspired the rest of us! 🙂

    • Thanks, Pam. Hope to see more folks opting to get outside this year 🙂

  2. Omar: looking forward to experiencing those resolutions with you this year. Bring them on!!!

    • Always enjoy our adventures 🙂🚴🏼

  3. Omar, as always, you bless us with your spiritual, and now physical, adventures and insights. What an inspiration you are, especially since you live your words. God bless you O!

    • Thanks, Rush. Appreciate your friendship and encouragement.

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