Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 31, 2016

Like Mother Teresa

I first served the least of these at Mother Teresa’s homes in Kolkata in 2009 — an experience that changed my life. Although I had visited many of the world’s worst humanitarian crises before then, nothing prepared me for what God would do in my heart in Kolkata. Serving at Mother Teresa’s homes forced me to close the distance between myself and suffering humanity in a way I had never experienced before.

Over the years since then, I have served in Mother Teresa’s homes several times, read numerous books about her life, and talked with several who knew her personally. Without question, she was one incredible little woman with a huge heart overflowing with compassion for the least of these. Mother Teresa lived simply — a decision that enabled her to serve others without hesitation or reservation.

Distressing Disguise
Three things, in particular, about Mother Teresa’s life continue to inspire and motivate me.

First, Mother Teresa was madly, wildly, crazy in love with Jesus. From the moment she sensed Jesus’ call to leave her cloistered life to venture into the streets of Kolkata, she lived to quench His thirst. Her obedience grew out of her love for Jesus. She once said that she would never touch a leper for any amount of money, but would willingly do so for Jesus. And, so she did.

Mother Teresa Tomb
Second, because she was so in love with Jesus, Mother Teresa did what Jesus would do. Her mission was clear — go out into the lonely, narrow, and dark places and look for Jesus in the distressing disguise of the poor. And then, do for that individual what Jesus would do. Feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, clothe the naked, care for the sick, and visit the prisoner. This is what she and her Missionaries of Charity dedicated their lives to do every day.

Finally, Mother Teresa said, “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” She understood the value of allowing God to write a beautiful narrative through her life. And, so He did. Through Mother Teresa, God left His divine signature in the lives of untold thousands of people who had never before experienced such compassion, care, and love.

Mother Teresa
There is so much that we can and should learn from the diminutive nun who showed the world what it means to love and live like Jesus.

Imagine what God might do through each of us if, like Mother Teresa, we fell wildly and madly in love with Jesus, served our fellow-man as Jesus would, and allowed God to write a love letter through our lives. These simple acts would transform the troubled world we live in — a world writhing in pain and racked daily by unspeakable acts of extreme violence.

 I am thankful for Mother Teresa’s life and legacy and for leaving the world an example truly worthy of imitation.


  1. Great Blog…do you have a favorite book SHE wrote?

    • Thanks, Cynthia, Here is my list of books I have read about Mother Teresa. I can’t say I have a favorite. Each of these books is like the facet of a diamond that help readers to appreciate the beauty of her life. I do enjoy the compilations of her sayings and stories that contain her simple and practical wisdom. Really good stuff!

      A Simple Path
      Mother Teresa

      Created for Greater Things
      Mother Teresa’s Life and Witness
      Mother Teresa and Gloria Hutchinson

      Everything Starts From Prayer
      Mother Teresa’s meditations on spiritual life for people of all faiths.
      Selected and arranged by Anthony Stern MD

      Finding Calcutta
      What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service
      Mary Poplin

      In the Heart of the World
      Thoughts, Stories and Prayers
      Mother Teresa

      Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light
      The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta
      Mother Teresa, Brian Kolodiejchuk (Editor)

      Mother Teresa: In My Own Words
      Mother Teresa

      Mother Teresa’s Prescription: Finding Happiness And Peace in Service
      Paul A. Wright

      No Greater Love
      Mother Teresa and Thomas Moore

      Precious Gems of Wisdom: Mother Teresa
      Compiled by Karishma Bajaj

      Reaching Out in Love: Stories Told by Mother Teresa
      Compiled by Edward Le Joly and Jaya Chaliha

      Something Beautiful for God
      Malcolm Muggeridge

      Thoughts to Inspire and Celebrate
      A Compilation of Mother Teresa’s Teachings on Love
      Glenna Hammer Moulthrop

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