Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 13, 2016

Among the Poor of Kawempe

Kampala, Uganda

He is the consummate Ugandan gentleman, a pastor, a visionary, a valued ministry partner, and a dear friend. But perhaps the best description of Robert Nabulere is hope bringer. I met Pastor Robert and his dear wife Rose years ago in Kampala when he invited me to preach at his church, Miracle Center Kawempe. Since then, I have preached on numerous occasions at Miracle Center, which I consider to be my home church in Uganda.

Pastor Robert Nabulere
Miracle Center is no ordinary church. Pastor Robert has led the people of Miracle Center to go into the highways and byways to look for Jesus in the distressing disguise of the poor. They live out what it means to be Jesus with skin on in dark and desperate places. Their strategic initiatives among the poor of Kawempe, a division of Kampala, are making a difference. Among other challenges, Kawempe is littered with brothels that are driving the HIV scourge in Kampala. It is a dangerous place for kids.

Kawempe Woman
But that is exactly why Pastor Robert is there. Because that is where Jesus would be. Kawempe is a place where hope is scarce and despair rules the day. Pastor Robert understands that even the smallest light shines brightest in the darkest places. He knows that God has called him to this desperate outpost to bring the hope of the gospel.

Miracle School Boy
In 2008 Pastor Robert led his church to start a bold initiative among the poor — a school for kids that otherwise would have no access to a good education. Since the tenuous start of Miracle Destiny School, God has made provision for its growth and expansion. What has happened in Kawempe is nothing short of miraculous. Their primary and elementary school is teeming with uniform-clad kids who are excelling at their studies.

Rose in Miracle School Classroom
The school has now added grades for older kids on a sprawling 15-acre campus — yet another story of God’s miraculous provision. Our missions ministry has contributed to the school and its outreach to the poor and recently gave a gift toward the construction of more classrooms for the expanding older grades. My team and I visited every single class on both campuses. Impressive does not begin to describe what we saw.

Naomi Praying w Poor
We also visited in the homes of some of the students in the slums of Kawempe. All of the kids come from the poorest families, many living in tiny adobe homes with no electricity or running water. What a privilege it was for us to encourage parents or grandparents to keep their kids in school and then to pray in each home. These family members understand that getting an education will be a game changer for their kids.

Robert and Rose Nabulere
I love the fact that Pastor Robert and Rose are famous among the poor of Kawempe. The poor regard this sweet couple as friends and respect them as those who exemplify what it means to be a Christ-follower. Their footsteps are oriented toward the least of these where they are sowing seeds of hope by inviting families to find true fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Pastor Robert and his wife Rose are indeed making a difference and changing the future for the people of Kawempe, one home at time.


  1. Awesome!

  2. Thank you Pr. Omar for visiting us with your team! We are so grateful for the love (so much love!) and support. We appreciate this gracious post! Please do come again and again! You are a great inspiration!

    • Pastor Robert, it is always a pleasure to visit with you and Rose and the wonderful people of Miracle Center Kawempe. Thanks for all you are doing to educate a generation to love God and love people. You are truly raising up the next generation of leaders in Uganda. I look forward to seeing you again the next time I return to Kampala.

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