Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | April 18, 2015

Speaking of Life

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Every person on the planet is concerned, to some degree, about life, especially the preservation of their own. But not every person understands or regards the value of life, especially the lives of others. Ronald Reagan once said that every person who is for abortion has already been born — a wise observation, indeed. Without question, the pre-born are the world’s largest hidden and most vulnerable people group, one that is totally dependent on those who have already been born to speak on their behalf.

Chttagong Arrival TrioOur team took an early flight this morning from Dhaka to Chittagong — the second largest city and main seaport of Bangladesh. Although located a short distance from Dhaka, our quick flight saved us a day of ground travel along the country’s über-congested roadways. I was especially glad to return to Chittagong. I like this place. This coastal city is a smorgasbord of interesting sights and sounds and pulses with life.

Processed with MoldivWe received an invitation from a local hospital to speak to the nursing staff about life. To say we were warmly received would be an understatement. The hospital rolled out the red carpet for us and welcomed us with total enthusiasm. We gathered in the largest meeting room in the hospital where the nursing staff presented us with bouquets of fresh flowers. One of the Muslim administrators welcomed us and told the nursing staff that Christians are good people who care about life and help others.

KD Nursing Talk
Our friend Kurt Dillinger, founder of Life International, spoke on the topic of fetal development and the sacredness of life in the womb. Kurt, whose own daughter is a nurse, also spoke to the nursing staff about the qualities of a compassionate nurse. Our time at the hospital was important because it helped to build a bridge between two cultures. Understanding is always strengthened by proximity. Being here helped the nurses and our team to better appreciate one another and to look for ways to continuing building bridges of love and understanding.

Gary TrioWhile in Chittagong, we also had the opportunity to visit friends who share our concern for the sanctity of human life from the womb to the tomb. Our hope is that through our dialogue and respective efforts we can promote understanding about the value of human life. As I lead teams around the world to serve the least of these, to care for orphans and widows, to bring hope to victims of human trafficking, and to meet the needs of refugees and other victims of civil conflict, I feel the weight of this issue. As a Christ-follower, I am compelled and determined to continue speaking of and standing for life from my own community to the ends of the earth.


  1. Thank you for what you do Ps. Omar!

  2. […] It has been a privilege and blessing to work with Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas. Omar Garcia, their Missions Pastor, is a great friend and kindred spirit. He is a stalwart defender of the preborn, and works tirelessly to spread the message of life around the world. I have been with him on my present visit to Bangladesh, and he has been sharing about the experience over at Go Beyond. […]

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