Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 8, 2015

Gina and Casey

I have lost track of the number of weddings I have performed over the past thirty-six years. Some weddings are memorable because of something unexpected that happened — like a ring-bearer fainting, a bride arriving an hour late, a groom with chewing tobacco in his mouth, a bride who got the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing, a funny or awkward-sounding name, a groom who backed out at the last-minute, and more. Like many pastors with a long-history of officiating at weddings, I have witnessed my share of wedding hits and misses.

Last November I had the privilege of performing my son’s wedding ceremony — the first time for me to officiate at the wedding of one of my own kids. Last night I had the privilege of walking my youngest daughter down the aisle — the first time for me to be on that side of the wedding equation. Pastor Steve Peace, my long-time friend, performed the first part of the ceremony so that I could walk Gina down the aisle.
Gina and Pastor SteveHaving Steve take part in Gina’s wedding was special to our family. Steve and I attended and graduated from seminary together and I later had the privilege of serving eight years under his leadership. Gina was almost two-years old when Steve first held her in his arms. We count Steve and his wife Celia among our dearest friends. Their presence made Gina’s day that much more special for us.

One of the best things about weddings is that they bring the generations together — from absolutely cute little flower girls and ring-bearers to grandparents and guests of all ages. My soon-to-be-86-year-old Dad drove up for the wedding. Watching my Dad enjoying the evening was a blessing beyond words. I love my Dad and I loved watching him and Gina share special moments before the wedding.
Processed with MoldivAfter giving the bride away, I took my place on the other side of the altar to do the rest of the ceremony. Looking at Gina standing next to Casey, I felt a lot like Tevye — the Jewish milkman in the musical Fiddler on the Roof who watched his three daughters grow up to become beautiful young ladies. One of my favorite scenes in the story is the marriage of Tevye’s oldest daughter, Tzeitel, to a tailor named Motel.

As Tevye and Golde watch Tzeitel at the marriage altar, they both contemplate the passing of the years and quietly sing, “Sunrise, Sunset,” one of the most memorable songs in the musical. “Is this the little girl I carried,” Tevye begins. “Is this the little boy at play.” Golde adds, “I don’t remember growing older, when did they? … Wasn’t it yesterday they were small?” And then, of course, the beautiful chorus: “Sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the days, seedlings turn overnight to flowers, blossoming even as we gaze. One season following another, laden with happiness and tears.”

Casey and Gina Informal
Throughout all the years laden with happiness and tears, Cheryl and I prayed for Gina and also for the young man we hoped she might one day marry. Through His providential guidance, God led Gina to a young man named Casey Gallio — and we couldn’t be happier. We liked Casey from the moment we met him and soon grew to love him. He is a gentleman who loves and respects our daughter. We are thrilled to welcome him into our family and look forward to watching Casey and Gina’s relationship blossom over the coming years.

Today, Cheryl and I are grateful to God for answering our prayers by blessing our family with Casey and also with our son Jonathan’s wife, Aubrey. These are happy days for us as our family grows and we find ourselves the beneficiaries of God’s goodness.


  1. Congrats to your family. She looked absolutely beautiful and happy!

    • Thanks, Kim. So happy for Gina and Casey.

  2. It looked perfect from the pictures. Sorry I was unable to make it…


    • It was a beautiful wedding. Missed you and hope you are feeling better. We love you.

  3. Omar, Congratulations to all of your family. I loved the pictures and your way of putting it all into words. I am very happy for Gina & Casey! It looked like it was a beautiful wedding. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks so much, Janet. It was a special evening.

  4. So happy for you family Ps. Omar! They look so good together!

    • Thanks, Pastor Robert. We are grateful to God for His goodness.

  5. What a beautiful tribute! I have sweet memories of when I met Gina and taught her Sunday School at 3 years old, and her faith that Mr. Keith could fix anything – including her broken Skip-it! Enjoy this new phase of your lives. Now I feel the urge to go watch Fiddler on the Roof…

    • Thanks, Karen, for investing in Gina. She has grown up to become a beautiful young lady. And yes, send Keith out for popcorn and you guys enjoy watching Fiddler on the Roof.

  6. Happy, Happy, Happy

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Such a beautiful wedding and such a special couple! So happy for you all. What a blessing and how exciting it is to watch our family grow. Our family has grown a lot over the past few years. You did a wonderful job and I am always proud to call you, my Uncle Omar. You are a gift to our family and you mean the world to all of us! Love you a whole bunch!!!!

    • Thanks, Reecie. It is exciting to watch our family grow. And it’s been wonderful watching you grow up over the years. Love you and your sweet family. We are indeed blessed.

  8. I just saw and read your beautiful post. Congratulations, Omar. She was a beautiful bride, and they are a beautiful couple. We just celebrated the wedding of our niece Amanda and her husband Geoff this past Friday evening in Dripping Springs. What a joy to gather with family and friends for such a joyous occasion; and the gathering of generations…from my 88 year-old dad to our precious 2 year-old granddaughter. May the Lord richly bless and keep these new precious couples; and may their lives and homes be led by Him all the rest of their days.

    • Great words. Pam. May the Lord indeed richly bless these young couples as they begin their respective adventures in marriage.

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