Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 18, 2014

Band of Brothers in Idaho

Earlier this month I had the privilege of spending a few days in Idaho on a shared mission / shared adventure with the Band of Brothers — one of several men’s groups at Kingsland. The Band of Brothers meet weekly with Gil Harris and Brian Stone, Kingsland’s Generations Pastor. We enjoyed some meaningful days of service with Chad Prigmore and Doug Hardy, our ministry partners in Boise. Our men helped to refurbish the Kingsland Ministry Home, a safe haven for men in recovery. At the end of the week we headed north of Boise for a shared adventure — a day of hiking in the mountains.

Brian put together a video report of our time in Idaho. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this video. If you are not a part of a small group, then I encourage you to do life in community with other believers. Ask God how you can be a part of a shared mission and shared adventure that will challenge you to grow spiritually and that will engage you in growing the kingdom.


  1. Love this video! God bless you guys and thank you!

    • Enjoyed our time with you, Chad. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom in Boise and beyond.

  2. One of the best experiences I have had!

    • So glad you were on our team. I enjoyed sharing this mission and adventure with you and the band of brothers.

  3. Omar, this is just beautiful. Wonderful. Inspiring. It’s a thrill to see what Kingsland Church and the dedicated members are accomplishing, not only in Katy, but around the nation and around the world. My prayer is to see the day when none of the things you folks do will seem impressive at all, when it will no longer be unusual, but will be commonplace behavior for congregations all over the nation. Please, Lord, make it so!

    • Thanks, Lanni. I too pray that one day these kinds of initiative will become commonplace behavior as believers become the hands and feet of Jesus 24/7 around the world. I join you in praying that the Lord make it so.

  4. Beautiful! Jesus doesn’t want you to just pour into fellow believers but those who need Him! Y’all are awesome servants!

    • Thanks, Sterling, for your encouraging words.

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