Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 29, 2014

Comfort and Hope

Almost 8 years ago our missions ministry formed a strategic partnership with Life International to start The Comforter’s Center, the first pregnancy help center in Uganda. Little did we realize at the time how God would use this brick and mortar location in Kampala to save more than 1,200 babies from being aborted and lead as many young women to faith in Christ. The Comforter’s Center has certainly lived up to its name over the years and continues to be a lighthouse for the sanctity of human life in East Africa.

From the beginning, we understood our mandate: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute” (Prov. 8:31). Children in the womb have no voice. They cannot speak up for themselves. They cannot say to an abortion-minded mother, “Please let me live. Please do not harm me. Please do not allow me to be torn limb from limb.”

God has always been concerned about the weak and vulnerable in society. A child in the womb is more vulnerable and at risk than any other members of society. If I am in danger, I can take steps to seek safety. I can move to a more secure home or neighborhood or community. However, if a child in the womb is in danger, it cannot move to a safer womb. We must therefore speak on behalf of the unborn.

Five years ago our missions ministry formed another strategic partnership with Life International and Steve Hyde, Founder of Asia for Jesus. Our mission: to spread the message about the sanctity of human life throughout Cambodia. Our partnership led to the realization of a dream called The Hope Center — a safe haven for the poorest women and children of Cambodia.

The Hope Center is located in Poipet, a hotspot for human trafficking, and will offer comfort and hope to the poor through pregnancy counseling services, a dental and medical clinic, a feeding center, and more. In the years to come we expect to see many women and children come to faith in Christ through the ministry of this strategic center for life.

Our next issue of the Go Beyond newsletter is dedicated to The Hope Center. Please look for this issue in your mailbox in February. Copies will also be available in the foyer and commons areas at Kingsland.

The Hope Center Cover


  1. Thank you Omar! Kingsland Baptist Church has been – and continues to be a tremendous blessing and partner to LIFE International and the world!

    • We love Life International and are grateful for our partnership in the gospel.

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