Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 5, 2013

Beyond Our Generation

Dubai, UAE en route to Poipet, Cambodia

I am on my way to Cambodia for the dedication of The Hope Center — a very ambitious ministry initiative that will have a huge impact on the lives of the most vulnerable women and children in western Cambodia. When I first met Steve Hyde, Founder and Director of Asia for Jesus, I was immediately impressed by the scope of his vision and work throughout Cambodia and Southeast Asia. Steve is a big man with an even bigger heart for reaching the least reached and caring for the most vulnerable among the nations.

When Steve first shared his dream with me of establishing a place to care for the spiritual and physical needs of women and children who live in Poipet, his words resonated deep within my heart. Poipet is one of the most dangerous places on the planet for women and children because of its proximity to Thailand. Those who traffic in humans are actively at work in this once-backwater town that has exploded with growth in recent years. More than 100,000 poor people live in a slum area that extends for miles along the highway. They have all come to this area looking for work in Poipet and across the border in Thailand.

HC 2
The poor women and children of Poipet and the surrounding region will truly find help and hope at The Hope Center campus. The center will offer crisis pregnancy counseling that will encourage women to choose life for their unborn babies. Women and children will also benefit from an optical, dental, and medical clinic housed in the first phase facility that we will dedicate this weekend. Steve and his team will also be able to host a variety of educational initiatives and conferences at the facility to address various concerns of the poor.

HC 1
What excites me most about The Hope Center is that the ministry that takes place there will last beyond our generation. A very important component of Kingsland’s purpose statement is that we are committed to equipping the generations one home at a time. We are engaged in fulfilling that part of our purpose statement at home and also abroad through our partnerships with friends like Steve Hyde. Steve is committed to guiding the center to continue its life-saving and life-giving work long after we are in the grave. How great to know that those who live in this area will continue to hear about and to experience the love of God in practical ways beyond our generation through the ministry of The Hope Center.


  1. Joy and joy for the lord will pay backs all things what we will do for his glory that last time too and be glory to God and salvation to the lost in Christa and showing his love and care over all us inlife for Jesus blood case thanks and bless and joy, keijo sweden

  2. I will praying for a safe journey for you Omar and the opening of the Hope Center! Post lots of pictures! God has big plans!!!! What a blessing!!!!!

    • Thanks, Leslie. And thanks also for being a part of our decorating team here last month. Expecting great things as the center opens soon after the first of the year when the staff is in place. Looking forward to the dedication after worship on Sunday. I will post updates and photos.

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