Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | September 30, 2013

God Is Doing Good Things

Today is Day 15 of our 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting emphasis for Kingsland. Over the past two weeks many of you have either written to me or spoken with me about how you are engaging with God during this special season. Yesterday morning, one young man shared with me about what he is learning as he seeks God through prayer and fasting. Every word of his testimony was refreshing and reminded me that God is doing some good things in the lives of His people.

This past week I learned about what Grace Awakening, one of our Adult Bible Fellowship groups, is doing on Sunday morning. Grace Awakening is known for good teaching and good food. Every Sunday the class has an impressive spread of breakfast goodies for members to enjoy. However, during this season of prayer and fasting they have suspended the breakfast goodies and are doing something creative.

Grace Prayer Basket
On the tables where Grace Awakening usually arranges their Sunday morning breakfast goodies, they have placed an empty basket to serve as a visual reminder of our fast. They are encouraging class members to write their prayers for our church and place them in the basket. They will read these at a future date to encourage one another to continue to trust God through our interim period without a senior pastor. God is doing some good things at Kingsland.

This past week a nice gentleman came to see me. He had his 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting brochure with him. When he opened it up I could see that it was marked, highlighted, and had a few asterisks beside some of the prayer prompts. God had convicted him about a business dealing and he wanted to chat with me about it. I was so impressed with his humility and desire to honor God in his business relationships. God is quietly doing some good things in our midst.

Today’s prayer prompt reminds us: Carry “a little balm and a little honey” in your heart every day (Gen. 43:11). Offer those who are hurting the healing balm of your presence and concern. Offer those who are distressed the honey of your encouragement. As I was leaving the house this morning, my phone alerted me to a text message that said: “Thank you for leading us to prayer and fasting. Seeking God in the midst of many Kingsland changes. I love may we be balm and honey.” This is just one more reminder that God is indeed doing some good things in the lives of His people at Kingsland. Let’s continue to seek His face and to trust Him one day at a time.

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