Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 10, 2013

Under Rainy Texas Skies

My friend Doyle and I had scheduled another training run for today as we continue our preparation for the Texas Water Safari ultra-marathon canoe race in June. However, what we did not schedule was a 70% chance of rain that washed our training run down the drain. It makes me a little nervous to miss this opportunity to train because the big race is only a month away. We will have to work out a time to get back on the river sometime in the next week to make up for it.

Rainy Road I-10
I had my heart set on another adventure on the river today. The last thing I wanted to do was to stay home and listen to the falling rain. So, I decided to embark on another one of my get-lost-on-Texas-backroads adventures ― in the pouring rain. I figured that this was a great opportunity to get a new perspective on the sights along Texas backroads. I love how the rain changes the light and makes colors a bit more vibrant. As I traveled down Interstate 10 toward Brookshire this morning, it looked like it was nighttime.

The Next Bend
Once I got off the beaten path I was able to slow down and enjoy the sights. As you might imagine, most sane people stayed home so I pretty much had the backroads to myself. I drove down some really cool and winding backroads. I absolutely love the what’s-around-the-next-bend-in-the-road feeling that I get when the road ahead turns one way or the other. Today’s drive did not disappoint. Every little road had its own share of surprises for me. The rain did make it a little hard to take pictures but I managed to snap a few shots along the way.

Sunnyside Texas
Gray Sky
I enjoyed driving through Sunnyside, Texas in the pouring rain and later passing by a little road named Gray Sky. And, the old abandoned houses and buildings hidden away on these backroads always stir my imagination. They make me wonder who lived there and where they have gone and what memories they still carry with them of these long abandoned places. Of course, I never tire of seeing windmills and stopping to look down railroad tracks that seem to go on forever. I especially enjoyed one backroads sign along a bend in the road with two arrows pointing toward each other. Decisions, decisions!

Rusty Roof House
I’m glad I did not stay home today. The rain gave me a whole new perspective and appreciation for the beauty of the Lone Star State. The older I get the more I love Texas, the place I call home. As much as I enjoy traveling the world and seeing amazing and interesting places, there really is no place like home. Texas is a beautiful place both in the sunshine and in the rain.

RR Tracks

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