Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 31, 2013

Adventures Close to Home

One of the advantages to living west of Houston is having quick access to some beautiful off-the-beaten-path drives. After attending Easter services this morning, Cheryl and I decided to head out on another backroads adventure for the afternoon. Within minutes of leaving home we were bouncing our way down Farm to Market roads, enjoying Texas vistas and wildflowers.

Our first stop was at the historic San Felipe de Austin. Founded in 1823 by Stephen F. Austin, the Father of Texas, this little colony was the focal point for issues related to the immigration and settlement of American colonists in Mexican-controlled Texas until 1836. Austin built his only home in Texas at San Felipe de Austin. His log cabin also served as the colony’s land office and became the center of San Felipe commerce.

Austin's Cabin
From San Felipe we headed farther west on our backroads excursion. We enjoy the backroads because there is little traffic and we can drive slowly in order to better appreciate the sights. While driving, I received a Weather Channel message on my phone alerting us to severe thunderstorms in the area. We could see the approaching storm in the distance. The darkening skies created some beautiful light, making all of the sights a little more dramatic. We loved it!

RR Tracks
We especially enjoyed seeing the old houses and farm buildings on our drive, places no longer inhabited that are slowly losing the battle against time and the elements. Looking at these old houses made us wonder about who might have lived there or who looked forward to returning there to visit family or friends on holidays and ordinary days. These old decaying homesteads always remind me that we are here for a season and should therefore make the most of every day that we have.

House and Cows
After a couple of hours of driving, the thunderstorms finally arrived. There is nothing quite like the smell of rain in the Springtime. There is something absolutely therapeutic about the smell and the sound of falling rain. Our drive home was slower because of the heavy rains, but we absolutely enjoyed every mile. Although we only spent a few short hours away from home, we were refreshed by the experience.

Old House Barbed 2
You don’t have to travel far to have an adventure, but you do have to venture out and away from where you are. Little backroads excursions like the one Cheryl and I enjoyed today do not cost much and they do yield good returns. I encourage you to find your next adventure close to home. It’s a great way to redeem an afternoon and to learn a little more about the people and places that have shaped the history of your area.


  1. awesome pictures!! love them! 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures and sentiments! I think I might borrow a picture for my facebook cover photo!

    • Thanks, Carol. Please feel free to use any photo you like. I wish I had been able to take more pics but the weather prevented me from doing so. Still an enjoyable afternoon drive.

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