Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | February 27, 2013

Send Us Out

In July of this year, 384 Kingsland students and 84 adults will pack 468 suitcases to travel to 7 destinations in 3 countries in order to participate in 22 missions initiatives over a period of 2 weeks. Our students have developed long-term relationships with those we serve every summer — from Houston’s inner-city neighborhoods all the way to the streets of Kolkata. They prepare all year for their summer missions adventures by studying the Scriptures together in small groups and learning how to share and live out their faith.

This summer our students will return to Houston’s Third Ward to serve with our partners at Generation One; to Arlington, Texas to minister to the poor; to Waco, Texas to serve the homeless; to Chicago to do inner-city service projects; to Montana to help reach one of the most unchurched areas in the country; to Costa Rica to participate in evangelism initiatives; and to Kolkata, India to serve the least of these at Mother Teresa’s homes and girls rescued from sex trafficking.

JStewart Night of WorshipEvery year we take up a special “Send Us Out” offering to help offset the cost of these trips for our students. And every year the Kingsland family generously gives to support our students and to encourage them to go beyond! This month, Josh Stewart, our Worship Pastor, wrote a special song entitled “Send Us Out.” Josh and our music team introduced this new song in our worship services this past Sunday morning. Our students joined our band on the platform at the end of the song. What a powerful morning it was!

I am grateful to Josh for writing the song for our students. The words of the song inspired and challenged us to join God on mission. I especially like that he included our Go Beyond theme in the song, challenging us to step across the line that defines the farthest we’ve ever been and the most we’ve ever done for God and His purposes. I have included a link below to the song. I hope you will take a moment to listen and to pray for our students as they continue their preparations to go to the nations with the good news of Jesus Christ.


  1. (Ps.33:3) (Heb.2:12) (I Chrn.16:9) I Sing To Him No Matter What!

  2. God Bless you at Kingsland as you prepare for mission this Summer. We pray as the students bless others they to will be blessed.
    Thank the Lord for so many young people wanting to serve others

    God Bless

    Paul & Sarah

    • Always great to hear from you, Paul and Sarah. Thanks for your encouraging words and prayers for our students.

  3. Great to see the clip and love all the photos of your diverse and impacting ministry.

    • Thanks so much, Craig. Thanks also for your faithful work for the kingdom. Enjoyed our time in Cambodia. Hope to see you again on the field.

  4. Hope you don’t mind that I’m sending this link to relatives who have been missionaries. I think it will encourage them to know that their hard work in their various locations is still being done. Thank you, Omar, for helping Kingsland stay missions minded.

    • Thanks, Mary Kay. I appreciate you sharing the link with those who have served among the nations.

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