Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | October 22, 2012

United and Excited

La Grange, Texas

Every year our Kingsland staff spends a couple of days at a retreat setting in order to focus on team building and encouragement. This year we have returned to a favorite setting just north of La Grange, Texas — a beautiful country home, made available to us by the Meyers family. Our agenda for today and tomorrow includes worship, encouragement, team building exercises, and a look at the coming months. We’ve also built in a little time for play and, of course, watching tonight’s third presidential debate. An added bonus is the delicious meals cooked especially for our staff by Jill Burnside and Sandy Westervelt. These sweet ladies can cook up some of the finest cuisine in the Lone Star state.

KBC Ministerial and Support Staff

We arrived at the Meyers home about mid-morning, excited to breathe in the refreshing country air. While we were preparing for our sessions, our administrative assistants were preparing a special surprise for us. Dressed in camouflage and brandishing water guns, they arrived an hour later, crept through the high grass and between the tall trees, and surprised us with a shower of blessings. Oh my soul! They doused us. There was no escape. We all had a great laugh together and then spent the next half-hour singing songs of praise and worship. We then enjoyed a time of fellowship and eating burgers and hot dogs on the deck before our team of assistants returned to Katy. I’m really glad they were able to join us in spite of getting soaked.

Our support staff planning their sneak attack.

Sneaking through the woods.

This time away is important to our team as we continue our journey into the interim months ahead. We are committed to strengthening our bonds and to praying together as our church begins the search for a new senior pastor. We are not only united, we are also excited about what the future holds for the people of Kingsland. While we do not know how long it will take for us to find a new senior pastor, we believe that the days ahead can be some of the greatest in the history of our church. And so, we are committed to working as a team, seeking God’s guidance, and staying the course. We do not want to lose momentum but instead make even greater strides for the sake of the kingdom from Katy to the ends of the earth. We can see great days ahead if we will all remain united and excited and committed to growing God’s kingdom. If we do that, then I am confident that God will care for Kingsland during the interim days ahead.

Enjoying a time of praise and worship together.


  1. Absolutely!! KBC has been a very united, forward-looking and acting church. Our tiny little church in Angel Fire, had been to hell and back and yet we saw wonderful things God was doing as we sought our senior pastor. God did a cleansing and a growing not to be equaled during that time. God always acts so that He can ultimately bring us closer to HIm through something we have not even imagined yet.

    God bless our wonderful staff as you seek His face and His will.

    • Thanks for your encouraging words, Marcia. We truly are excited about what God has in store for us in the days ahead.

  2. No doubt God will move in extraordinary ways through this time…. I am praying and looking forward to all of the stories of His move through the interim.

    God is doing some great and unexplainable things in the hearts of a family somewhere… which will only make sense when His timing connects all of those ‘unexplainable’ dots. Awesome days ahead for you all!

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