Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 12, 2012

Muscles and Hearts

This past Saturday, Chris Kincaid, one of our student ministry interns, mobilized several of the guys he has been mentoring this summer to help us with one of our ongoing projects at Iglesia Sobre la Roca (Church on the Rock), located just down the street from Kingsland. Jon Davis, our missions associate, and I enjoyed our time with the guys. We spent several hours mowing and weed-eating what will be a prayer garden/walking track that we will help to construct this Fall at Church on the Rock. Chris and his guys worked really hard pulling weeds, moving mulch, mowing the area around a retention pond covered in weeds, and doing general clean-up. Jon and I absolutely loved working alongside these young men as they selflessly served another church in our community. A big part of what we work hard to accomplish through our missions ministry is providing opportunities for our students to work their muscles and get their hands dirty by serving others.

Seven years ago, when I first mobilized Kingsland volunteers to serve the people of our community, my old friend Paul Haas often wore a t-shirt to our service initiatives that was imprinted with this message: “Work the muscles. Build the heart.” I always liked that shirt! Over the years of seeing God work through thousands of Kingsland volunteers throughout our community, I have learned that paint brushes and hammers and lawn mowers and weed-eaters are powerful tools for personal transformation. God can use a simple thing like a lawn mower to do more than cut grass. He can use it to control the weeds that can easily choke out compassion from our hearts. I am really proud of Chris and our guys for their good work. I encourage you to join us on one of our Saturday initiatives in the coming months. I promise you that as you work your muscles God will indeed build your heart.

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