Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today is my Dad’s 83rd birthday and also the day that he married my beautiful mother. It’s hard to believe that my Dad is in his 80’s. When my grandfather was in his 80’s, the local newspaper did a feature story on him and referred to him as an octogenarian. That word has been in my vocabulary ever since. And now, my Dad is an octogenarian! Even though time flies, I can close my eyes and easily scroll back in time to see images of my Dad as a younger man. One of the earliest images in my mind’s album is of Dad making pancakes for me. I don’t know why that particular memory has lingered, but it has. I have a particularly vivid memory of my Dad using brown grocery bags and strips of balsa wood to make a kite for me and my sister. Dad and Mom drove us to an open field near our home where we sent the kite sailing into the air and later enjoyed a picnic lunch. And then there are all those images of holidays and everydays where my Dad is still a young man caring for his growing family. Precious memories!

I have written about my Dad before and noted how much I appreciate all that he did to make my childhood really special. Although I remember fun stuff that we did and so many of the toys and games and books that we received as kids, the most valuable gift that Dad gave to me and my siblings was loving Mom. That gift alone made our home a very warm, inviting, and secure place. And really, when you think about it, that’s what every kid wants and what every kid needs. With the passage of time, every material thing that I received as a kid was eventually broken, dinged, bent, misplaced, or lost. The only thing that survived and made the biggest difference in my life was what cannot be purchased at any store but rather that comes from the heart — love. Dad continues to bless each of his kids with lots of love. Happy 83rd Birthday, Dad. With deep gratitude for a lifetime of love and great memories.


  1. Yesterday was my Mom’s 84th birthday and my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Lot of milestones this week for several of us.

  2. Loved the photo….your mom was truly beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photo Pastor. Happy Birthday to your Dad and may he have many more 🙂

  4. This is a great story, Omar, it is very touching and brings back great memories of my dad.

    • Thank you, Gil. We are blessed to have such good memories.

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