Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | September 6, 2011

Stay On Course

I learned an important lesson about staying on course while on a short-term mission trip to China in 2003. My companions and I were hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas in search of a particular village. When we could no longer make out the trail we decided to forge our own through unfamiliar territory. As we made our way toward a stream I stepped onto what I thought was a ledge. Unfortunately it was a shadow and, with nothing to support my weight, I tumbled down several feet and sustained a number of cuts and bruises. Stunned, we all decided it best to retrace our steps and to find the right trail.

We live in an imperfect world filled with inaccurate counsel about how best to live. For many people, the lines between wise and foolish behavior are blurred. We often hear wicked behaviors described as good and practical and godly behaviors demeaned as foolish and stupid. And, many people ignore the godly wisdom presented in God’s Word and decide for themselves what paths seem best. God wants His people to rely on His perfect wisdom to guide them in this imperfect world. So, lest you take a tumble, make sure that you stay on the paths marked out by godly wisdom.

It’s far too easy to get off course and to wander down dangerous paths. Here are some practical thoughts on how you can rely on God’s wisdom, avoid dangerous paths, and stay on course.

C — Chart a course that is based on the counsel of God’s Word.
O — Obey the signs along the way.
U — Understand the risks and dangers of wandering off the path.
R — Retrace your steps if you get off course.
S — Stay on the right path by looking to God for guidance.
E — Enjoy the journey.

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