Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 13, 2011

100,000 Thanks

I enjoy writing. Someone once asked me which I would choose if given the option to write or to speak as a means of communication. I replied that I would rather write than speak. Long before I entered the world of blogging I kept journals. On occasion I will pick up one of my fifty-plus journals and revisit a day in my past. The great thing about keeping a journal is that it forced me to write about the ordinary things in my life as well as the not-so-ordinary happenings — essentially about the many things that moved, disturbed, and shaped me. Had I not taken the time to journal, many of these experiences would have died and turned to dust, forever buried in my cemetery of lost memories. Instead, the things I recorded are more like photos carefully placed in an album that I can view again and again.

A few days ago I received an e-mail from WordPress about my blog. According to WordPress, 2010 was a good year for my blog. Here are a few of the stats they recorded about Go Beyond blog.

Guests | Approximately 47,000 folks visited this blog last year (lots of regular guests). The map that tracks my viewers shows that they visited this blog from locations around the world. This is something that a journal could never do. One good thing about blogging is that it gives bloggers a prospective world-wide audience.

Posts | My blog has developed into an on-mission travelogue and devotional guide. I posted 156 new posts last year on a variety of topics, including issues concerning injustice in our world. The discipline of posting every few days forced me to look carefully and to think deeply about the world around me. That’s a good thing.

Pictures | I added 202 new photos to my blog last year, many of these from locations around the planet. I recently added a new feature to my blog entitled Wordless Wednesday where I post a single photo and let it speak for itself. A picture is certainly worth a thousand words.

Traffic | The month of July was the busiest month on my blog with 9,293 views. July 11 was the busiest day with 957 views of my post entitled On Miracles and Death. I led a team of students and adult sponsors to serve at Mother Teresa’s homes in Kolkata last July which explains why so many people visited my blog. Lots of parents and relatives and friends followed our journey.

Referrals | WordPress tracks every referral to my blog. Many of my guests were referred by Kingsland’s website, links on FaceBook and Twitter, links from other bloggers, and other miscellaneous sources. The online community is a great way to connect and to pass along information to others.

Searches | Many of the guests who visited my blog found it through search engines like Google. Other than folks who Googled my blog by the words “go beyond,” the other top search words that led them to my blog was William Borden, the heir to the Borden dairy estate who renounced his fortune to become a missionary. Ninety-nine years after his unexpected death en route to the mission field, Borden continues to influence others to go beyond in their service to God.

Yesterday, the guest meter on my blog clicked past the 100,000 mark. I am grateful to every person who has visited my blog. Many of you are regular readers, some occasional readers, and others of you just stumbled on to my site as you cruised virtual highways. Regardless of how, who, or what led you to this site, thanks for stopping by. I pray that what I have written thus far has encouraged, convicted, inspired, or challenged you in some way to go beyond — to do more than you have ever done for God and His purposes and to live adventurously for Him.


  1. And thanks to you Omar I am blogging now too. So your words keep spreading through others as well. In 2010 gobeyondblog was one of the top referrers to my site! Bless you as you keep going strong!

  2. Thank you, Omar, for sharing your thoughts through this blog. You began blessing my life during your tenure at PPBC and continue to do so here. I always look forward to what you have to say be it words or Wordless Wednesday.

  3. I just wanted to say thanks for your words of encouragement and especially for the Wordless Wedenesday. Yesterday’s picture moved me beyond words. I am more aware of these things around me due to the ministry of Kingsland in my family’s lives–Tom, Liz, Caitlyn and Colton Shows. The India trip made such an impact on Caitlyn and sharing her adventure there and her dreams for the future make me realize how important Christians working in the field is. My heart has always had a place for missions and I have worked in several areas, but to be able to pass that on to your children and see a church that is actively participating in putting the word into action blesses me beyond all I could ask or think. Keep going, keep encouraging others and God’s richest blessings on all your endeavors.

  4. Omar,
    Your blog has not only inspired me but challenged me. Just when I start getting comfortable with everyday life- you bring things to my mind that really make a difference. I am searching now and asking God what’s next….
    Thanks for bringing me out of my comfort zone and leading by example. I hope you truly realize the impact your blog has on life. Thanks for helping me navigate. The encouragement and knowledge I have gained is inmeasurable.
    Thank you.

  5. Dear Friends,

    Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Your comments remind me that writing is a labor of love and a wonderful privilege for me. Thanks for your faithful readership.


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